Importing company details to CDP

In SALESmanago you can group contact by companies. You can import contacts with the Company column separately from other details. So, if you don’t need any other information besides the name of the company, just import contacts with that single column.

The file for importing companies is very similar to the file for importing a contact database. Entries are ordered in rows while details are ordered in columns (one variable per cell).

You can import the following information:


If you want to run an import and your file is ready, go to CDP → Company & Employee List → Companies. Scroll down until you find the Import companies feature. To add a file click the button Choose file [1] and then the button Upload [2].


Now choose the data you want (as shown in the first screenshot) to import and click Import.

IMPORTANT: Import only companies that were previously imported along with contacts.

After you have imported your file, you will see the new data in CDP → Company & Employee List → Companies,


Clicking the particular column title, you can sort companies by:

  • name
  • website
  • type
  • range
  • industry
  • phone
  • date on which the company was created
  • date on which the company was modified.

You can also view additional information on particular companies by clicking Details.


You can also view an Employee list.


Clicking a particular column title, you can sort employees by:

  • name
  • email
  • company
  • CDP ID
  • phone
  • position
  • department
  • office
  • organization role.

Clicking a specific entry on the list will open a window where you can view and manually edit their details.


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