Integration with OpenCart 2.x-3.x

OpenCart is an eCommerce platform that enables web sales. The platform can be integrated with SALESmanago. Thanks to the integration you can automate marketing campaigns and in consequence, increase sales.

To download the plugin for OpenCart 3.x, click HERE

To download the plugin for OpenCart 2.3, click HERE


The basic scope of integration

  • Integrate external events like ‘cart’ or ‘purchase’ both for contacts who are logged in and those who are not as long as they have a tracking cookie smclient
  • Export of contacts and historical transactions from the e-commerce platform
  • Automatic addition of a monitoring code to a website
  • Possibility of assigning tags when a contact registers, signs up for a newsletter or makes a purchase, later these contacts with tags will be sent to the system
  • Automatic addition of such features as Live Chat, Pop-up Basic

Contact form integration

  • Adding a monitoring parameter to contacts that filled in a contact form
  • Transfer of information given when contacts register, log in or edit an account
  • Transfer of contact data (e.g. name and surname, email address, telephone number, address, company name, date of birth, date of creating a contact, tags assigned in the shop)
  • Transfer of contacts along with their opt-in/opt-out status
  • Back synchronization (This feature enables checking if contacts who register on the e-commerce platform can already be found in the SALESmanago database. When a contact exists in the database with opt-in status but while registration does not give consent, in both SALESmanago system and e-commerce platform the contact has opt-in status.)
  • Transfer of contacts together with tags indicating name of the shop

1. Log in to your account on the OpenCart platform.


Click here to download a module.

In the main menu go to Extensions → Installer.

Click Upload and select the package that you have downloaded.


In the main menu go to Extensions → Extensions.

3. Next, in Extension List – Choose the extension type select Modules from the drop-down list.

Select SALESmanago from the drop-down list.

4. Click to install the element.

IMPORTANT: Each element that has been installed has Enabled status. You can also install, uninstall or delete the element.

When you want to read how to add an e-shop with the product feed, click here.

Now, when the installation is done, go to another manual which will help you with configuration.

You can go to the instruction on how to integrate SALESmanago with OpenCart 2.x when you click here.

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