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Actionable eCommerce Insights is a system of real data-based prompts for users of the CDP platform. To create personalized insights, the system analyzes the user’s account, and based on the data and the way they use particular features, it prepares simple, ready-to-implement insights that will help to make the most of the platform’s potential. They indicate not only actions that generate the best results (and should be kept) but also those that do not generate the intended results (and thus should be optimized or discontinued). The hints contain specific tips on what can be done to improve the results of user activities. SALESmanago insights support users in various areas, such as automation processes, email marketing and lead generation.

To use personalized marketing prompts in SALESmanago, activate the module by clicking on the bell icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then select the relevant tab.

Marketing Insights → Insights


  1. Basic information
  2. Insight structure
  3. Filtering
  4. Categories of Insights

1. Basic information

Actionable eCommerce Insights translate real-time data into ready-made solutions for your business. They offer a helping hand in different areas, such as automation processes, email marketing and lead generation. Here are some examples:

  • Automation Process Insights: If a rule has recently shown lower performance, the system will push you to optimize its settings. It will also suggest some sales-oriented actions, such as implementing product recommendations into your strategy.
  • Email Marketing Insights: The system will assess your email marketing efficiency and suggest how you can improve its results.
  • Lead Generation Insights: If your pop-up underperforms, the insight will inspire you with mobile optimization suggestions.

The system creates advisories based on data from the last 30 days and that only apply to active rules, workflows and so on. For example, if you set up five automation rules in the system, but none of them are active and you don’t have any other active rules, then you won’t see any advice for that area of platform usage. If, on the other hand, you have 15 automation rules and they are all active, then Insights will refer to the most recently added active rule, and the data will refer to the last 30 days. However, this does not mean that a rule has to be active for 30 days for you to see rule prompts. The specified period indicates how far into the past the system reaches in order to prepare the best and most up-to-date suggestions.
This rule also applies to workflow, recommendation frames, Web Push notifications, the Social Proof widget and forms.

The main Insights view only shows unused tips – it displays three new ones every day. Insights change dynamically and are always based on the latest data from the system. Logging in several times in one day does not change the latest Insights. If you don’t manage to use them in the morning, you can easily return to them in the afternoon of the same day.

2. Insight structure

Each tip consists of several fixed elements:

[1] Category – specifies which platform activity area the tip applies to.

[2] Content – the actual content of the tip.

[3] Completion marker – a checkbox you can use to indicate the completion status of the tip. All used tips are available at any time when using the system. Even if you mark a tip as completed, you can always return to it. You can find them by choosing Completed from the drop-down list (see the Filtering section).

[4] Help – redirects to the relevant entry on the help page.

3. Filtering

The system stores all tips used. To switch between views, click the drop-down menu [1] and select the appropriate option: Completed [A] or Uncompleted [B].

IMPORTANT: At any time, you can change the status of any tip from Completed to Uncompleted and vice versa. To do this, check or uncheck the completion box next to the selected tip.

Actionable eCommerce Insights are divided into several categories:

  • Basic Information – essential information on how to use the platform
  • Dashboards and Data – general dashboard usage and effectiveness of communication channels
  • Contacts – information about the contacts you have in your database
  • Email Marketing – how to use the module and improve campaign results in the email marketing channel
  • Mobile Marketing – how to use the module and improve campaign results in the mobile channel
  • Lead Generation – prompts for lead generation
  • Transactions – data and suggestions concerning store transactions 
  • Website Personalization – suggestions concerning website elements 
  • Web Push – module usage and improvement of campaign results based on Web Push notifications
  • Automation Processes – tips about the automation rules you have set
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