Marketing Insights – Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks provide access to the know-how of the best marketing automation specialists and practitioners. Tips are an inspiration for system users who have implemented the SALESmanago platform and want to continue discovering its possibilities and fully leverage its potential. Divided into clear categories, suggestions for actions encourage users to try new solutions and show the benefits they can bring.


To use expert Tips & Tricks in SALESmanago, activate the module by clicking on the bell icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and then selecting the relevant tab:

Marketing Insights => Tips & Tricks



  1. Basic information
  2. Tips & Tricks structure
  3. Filtering
  4. Categories of Tips & Tricks

1. Basic information

Tips & Tricks give you access to the know-how of top marketing automation specialists and Customer Data Platform (CDP) practitioners. Tips will guide you step-by-step through solutions you haven’t discovered before. Here are a few examples:

  • Analytics: Learn how to measure revenue from online campaigns more efficiently. The tip directs you to the Revenue Attribution Analytics feature, which helps you spot the campaigns that generate the highest revenue.
  • CDP: Enhance your marketing with actionable data. Learn the best ways to boost customer experience with 360° customer profiles and improve marketing communication.

Social Media: See how to create and use ad audiences in Automation Processes. Find the most efficient way to combine data from different channels to reach customers with particular interests.

2. Tips & Tricks structure

Each tip consists of several fixed elements:


[1] Category specifies what area of platform activities the tip applies to.

[2] Menu icon allows you to expand the tip.

[3] Short text shows the short version of the tip.

[4] Full content shows the full content of the tip.

[5] Completion marker is a checkbox used to indicate the completion status of the tip.

[6] Help redirects to the relevant entry on the support page.

3. Filtering

The main view shows unused Tips & Tricks from each category. However, the system stores all Tips & Tricks, including those marked as completed. To switch between views, click the drop-down menu [1] and select the desired view depending on status [A] or category [B].


IMPORTANT: You can change the status of any tip from completed to uncompleted and vice versa at any time. To do this, check or uncheck the completion checkbox next to the selected clue.

4. Categories of Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks are divided into several categories:

  • Analytics
  • Automation Processes
  • CDP
  • Command Center
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Live Chat
  • Loyalty Program
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Settings
  • Social Media
  • Web Push
  • Website Personalization
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