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One of the several useful options offered by SALESmanago is the opt-out tag placeholder. It removes given tag from the contact card in the database. After clicking any content/graphics/button, the tag will be removed from a particular contact. We can exclude the contact from one particular kind of sending. For example, If we have more than one online shop and we would like to separate contacts from different subscriptions.

Tags can be also removed with automation rules. Check >>

However, with various queries, we recommend using the opt-out tags.

Opt-out tag placeholder can be set in Emails List, Templates List or Drag&Drop Email Creator.

Email Marketing -> Email List -> Add new Email

Email Marketing -> Templates List -> Add new Template

To create opt-out tag placeholder by Adding New Email or Adding New Template, you need to highlight chosen part of your email and click the “Insert placeholder” button.


After that, the pop-up with settings will display. From Tag name choose Opt-out-tags URL.


  • Remove Tags – here we insert tags we want to remove from the contact card after contact clicks on created placeholder.
  • Add Tags – here we insert tags we want to add to the contact card after contact clicks on created placeholder

Redirect – we can also enter a link that contact will be redirected to after clicking this placeholder.

After setting the placeholder press Insert.

Email Marketing -> Drag&Drop Email Creator

Placeholder removing or adding tags to contact in Drag&Drop Email Creator:


After choosing widget and highlighting inserted text select from Custom fields: Opt-out (add/remove tags).


The pop-up like above, will display with following options:

  • Text,
  • Add tags,
  • Remove tags,
  • Redirect.

You can set them the same way as in the creators before.

After your are done press Ok.

You can also insert a link in the Redirect field for redirection after clicking on the placeholder.
Opt-out tags can also be added directly to the html code. In  <a href> type  $opt-out-tags: tag name$, for example:


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