Posting sidebars on a website

With sidebars, you can place the newsletter subscription form shown as a box opened e.g. on the right-hand side of the screen (see the picture below).


To add the form you have created, generate the form code. To get the code, go to WEBSITE MARKETING -> CONTACT FORMS




[1] select code type: sidebar,
[2] height: set sidebar height,
[3] width: set sidebar width after opening,
[4] background colour: set the background colour for the form created in SALESmanago editor,

[4a] image background: set the colour for the background image that you added to the contact form
[5] frame colour: set the frame colour for the form created in SALESmanago editor,
[6] screen page: define the place where you would like the sidebar to be displayed – left or right (side of the screen), bottom (of the screen),
[7] image URL: the program features an envelope as a default; if you would like to change it into an image of your choice – paste the image link here. The recommended image size is 24×24 pixels – when uploading the image you can change these settings by entering new values for the image height and width,

[8] Expanded by default – with this option your sidebar cane shown automatically on a website
[9] show automatically: set the mode of displaying the sidebar to the page users. If you would like the form to be permanently displayed, select the ENABLED option. If you wish the form to be displayed only to unidentified contacts select the DO NOT SHOW TO IDENTIFIED CONTACTS option. In this case you can define the number of user visits/page views within specified time periods on the basis of data obtained from a cookie. The next visit will be counted if the user returns to the page after 3 hours. Page views are counted e.g. each time the page is being refreshed,
[10] copy your code: the code must be copied and pasted into your page before the </body> section end.

Note: Every modification of the form or its settings requires the new code be generated and pasted into the page.

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