Release notes

Release 16.19.0 [implementation: 07-08.05.2024]
Enhanced Segmentation: Refreshed design for Contact filters
We are refreshing the overall design for the following Contact filters: Filtering by consent status, Filtering by Contact scoring, and Filtering by email address domain.
  • Enjoy a modern look and a unified user experience.
Spotlight: Dynamic product recommendations for anonymous visitors
We are enhancing the Spotlight feature by introducing dynamic product recommendations in Web Push notifications intended for anonymous visitors. The dynamic recommendations are based on the Recently viewed products scenario.
  • Target anonymous visitors with dynamic product recommendations and boost your conversions.
RFM: Filtering Contacts by e-store
Previously, Contacts included in RFM reports could only be selected (filtered) based on tags. Now, you can also narrow your selection to Contacts that have made a purchase in a specific e-store. If you want to create an RFM analysis for a selected e-store, specify it in Step 1 of the RFM wizard.
  • Generate RFM reports for individual e-stores and enjoy enhanced analytical capabilities.
Google Analytics: Improved Dashboard labels
We are adjusting the labels on the Google Analytics dashboard to align them with the standard Google Analytics naming system.
  • Experience enhanced clarity with more intuitive labeling.
Mobile Marketing: Introduction of sales analytics
SALESmanago is introducing sales analytics for the Mobile Marketing feature. Now, you can check the number and value of transactions supported by mobile channels, both for the entire feature and for individual campaigns.
  • Gain deeper insights into your sales results.
  • Track the effectiveness of your mobile campaigns.
  • Improve your marketing strategy and drive your sales.
Social Media: Refreshed X icon
We are updating the default icon for the X platform (formerly: Twitter) across the system. To apply this update to your existing templates including the old Twitter logo, open a template and save it (there is no need for any changes).
  • Make sure your emails are up to date.
Email Marketing: Checking sender accounts for correctly configured email authentication protocols
To ensure compliance with the new Gmail and Yahoo requirements, from now on, only accounts with correctly configured SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols will be approved and admitted for use.
  • Rest assured that your sender accounts meet the new requirements.
Release 16.17.0 [implementation: 16-17.04.2024]
Enhanced Segmentation: Improved Contact filters
SALESmanago is further enhancing the following Contact filters: filtering by dictionary detail(s), filtering by Workflow status, filtering by number of emails, and filtering by most effective channel. We are refreshing the overall design and adding new operators. Additionally, now, you can choose whether the data selected will be connected based on the AND or OR logic.
  • Enjoy more precise and intuitive Contact targeting.
Custom links to requesting consultation
Recently, we have introduced the option to schedule a consultation with a Support or Success specialist through a special panel on the SALESmanago platform. Now, we are introducing the option to directly schedule a meeting with your individual Customer Success Manager (available for Customers who have an individual CSM assigned to them).
  • Enjoy a more comprehensive and intuitive customer support.
Google Ads: New requirements regarding consent to ad personalization
We are adding a message box at the top of the Google Ads screen to inform you about the new user data processing policy, according to which only Contacts who have agreed to receive personalized ads can be included in a Google Ads group. The message box also provides instructions for updating your existing groups or creating new ones.
  • Make sure that you follow all applicable regulations.
Release 16.15.0 [implementation: 02-03.04.2024]
Email Design Studio: Dark mode preview
We are adding a new preview option for the Email Design Studio: dark mode for Gmail. Now, you can see what your emails look like not only on different devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile), but also depending on the background mode (light/dark).
  • Easily make sure that your emails look good in both light and dark mode in Gmail inboxes.
Event Center: Removal from the system
We are removing the outdated Event Center module from the system to make space for modern features. (This change has nothing to do with External Events, such as CART or PURCHASE).
  • Focus on modern, fully supported modules and features.
API Recommendations: Last viewed scenario for anonymous visitors
Previously, API recommendation scenarios could only be used for monitored Contacts. Now, you can use the Last Viewed scenario for anonymous visitors.
To accommodate this improvement, we are introducing two new fields in the API method: contactId and contactAnonymousId.
  • Display visit-based recommendations to both monitored Contacts and anonymous visitors.
Release 16.14.0 [implementation: 19-20.03.2024]
Mobile Marketing: Improved text message export
We are enhancing the export of sent text messages by extending the available time range to 90 days and adding a Date field to the export file.
  • Enjoy improved analytical capabilities for Mobile Marketing.
Workflow: Option to define a time range in all email-related Conditions
We are improving the Unified Workflow Console by introducing the option to specify a time range for all Conditions related to Email Marketing. Now you can specify the period that will be taken into account when checking whether these Conditions are met.
  • Enjoy a consistent user experience.
  • Build processes based on more relevant data.
  • Target your Contacts with higher precision.
WhatsApp: Integration with the new Bird platform
We are introducing an integration with the new Bird platform, through which SALESmanago can be integrated with the WhatsApp messaging service.
The integration with the old Bird platform remains available.
  • Enjoy an up-to-date integration with Bird and WhatsApp.
Release 16.13.0 [implementation: 11-12.03.2024]
New feature: Product Collections
SALESmanago is introducing a new feature: Product Collections, which allows you to store information about products associated with individual Contacts. You can use Product Collections in Contact segmentation, Workflows (Event: Product added to Product Collection; Condition: Contact has products in Product Collection), Recommendation Frames, and the Email Design Studio. Moreover, you can view the contents of different Product Collections directly on individual Contact Cards.
  • Segment Contacts based on their preferences and target them with appropriate recommendations.
  • Engage your customers and build genuine customer intimacy.
  • Create personalized campaigns to increase your conversion rates.
Enhanced Segmentation: Improved filtering by External Events
In response to feedback from our customers, we are comprehensively enhancing the Contact filter: filtering by External Events by refreshing the overall design and adding intuitive new operators and dynamic time ranges. Additionally, now you can choose whether Event data will be connected based on the AND or OR logic.
  • Enjoy more precise and intuitive Contact targeting.
  • Make the most of Contact data based on External Events.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly and attractive UI.
Improved SALESmanago menu
Based on feedback from our customers, SALESmanago is remodeling its system menu to make it more intuitive. We are renaming some features and changing their location on the menu.
  • Navigate the SALESmanago platform easily and conveniently.
Improved URL validation for Email Design Studio and Web Push
The following characters: | ` { } " were previously forbidden in link URLs. To comply with the general standards, we are now allowing the use of these characters in links included in Web Push notifications and emails created in the Email Design Studio.
  • Use more complex links that include advanced product filtering or tracking parameters
API method to validate coupon codes
SALESmanago is providing an API method for verifying the validity of coupon codes generated in SALESmanago before they are applied during the purchase process (at the checkout stage).
  • Enjoy an easy method for verifying coupon code validity.
Enhanced Segmentation: Email marked as spam selector
We are introducing a new Contact selector: Email marked as spam, which allows you to easily pick Contacts who marked your emails as spam.
  • Easily exclude Contacts who marked your emails as spam from mass mailings, or send them NPS surveys.
Release 16.12.0 [implementation: 20-21.02.2024]
Enhanced export of Contacts and External Events
We are enhancing the Contact and External Event export module by upgrading the technology behind and refreshing the general layout. Additionally, to facilitate the export of External Events, we have introduced a new option that allows you to conveniently select standard and dictionary details for export.
  • Enjoy an easier and faster way of exporting your Contacts and External Events.
Enhanced modals for Workflow and Contact Card
We are upgrading the technology and refreshing the design for the Workflow and Contact Card modals.
  • Enjoy an improved user interface.
Email Design Studio: Improved Most frequently purchased products scenario
We are enhancing the scenario for the Most Frequently Purchased Products in the Dynamic Product Block widget in the Email Design Studio. Previously, the system provided recommendations based on the most frequently bought products of the day. Now, it will include products purchased within the last 30 days to generate more reliable recommendations.
  • Recommend products reflecting your customers’ needs and shopping preferences.
Merging old Mobile Marketing with new module
We are combining the functionality of the old Mobile Marketing module with a new one to enhance the overall Mobile marketing effectiveness. From now on, users of the old Mobile Marketing module will be able to access all features from the new Mobile Marketing module only.
  • Enjoy a more efficient platform and improved user experience.
Improved new Mobile Marketing module
We are optimizing the new Mobile Marketing module by renaming sections and hiding the unused Individual sent messages tab, making the entire module more intuitive.
  • Benefit from improved user experience in Mobile Marketing.
Refreshed design for Email Design Studio
As part of the Improvement package, SALESmanago is introducing a refreshed look for the Email Design Studio, featuring a new top bar and improved selection UI.
  • Enjoy a more user-friendly interface for the Email Design Studio.
New option for Workflow Action Send email to Contact: Ignore emails-per-Contact limits
In response to customer feedback, SALESmanago is introducing a new checkbox: Ignore emails-per-Contact limits for the Workflow Action: Send email to Contact. This option prevents the application of email limits per Contact, set in the Email Marketing Settings, specifically for this Workflow element.
  • Customize email settings and drive your sales by making the most of Workflow processes.
Release 16.11.0 [implementation: 06-07.02.2024]
Email Design Studio: Subscription confirmation emails
SALESmanago is enhancing its state-of-the-art email designer with the ability to create subscription confirmation emails. With the new widgets, you can add an opt-in link to your email in the form of text or a button.
  • Utilize all the capabilities of SALESmanago’s cutting-edge designer to create attractive subscription confirmation emails with appealing opt-in links.
  • Use the same widgets and styles for all your email types.
  • Choose between two opt-in link types: text or button.
Workflow: Elements divided into categories
We are enhancing the lists of Events, Conditions, and Actions in the Workflow creator by organizing the different elements into categories, such as Contact data or Email Marketing.
  • Save time and easily find the element you need on the list.
Workflow: Ability to upgrade through the Workflow creator
Previously, in the Workflow creator, Customers could only see elements (Events, Conditions, and Actions) available under their SALESmanago plan. Now, you can see all elements, also those that are currently unavailable in your plan, along with the option to request an upgrade.
  • Discover all SALESmanago capabilities and easily upgrade to improve your performance.
New Workflow Condition: Contact used specific browser
SALESmanago is introducing a new Workflow Condition: Contact used specific browser, which allows you to target Contacts based on the browsers they use.
  • Adjust your campaigns to the different browsers used by your audience.
Mandatory periodic password change
We are enhancing the security of our Customers’ accounts by requiring users to change their passwords at least once every 180 days. You can adjust this default period to your personal needs and preferences (minimum: every 30 days, maximum: every 365 days).
  • Enjoy increased security of your SALESmanago account.
Recommendation Frames: Improved product selection mechanism
We are enhancing Recommendation Frames by adjusting the timing for rejecting unavailable products and replacing them with available ones.
  • Rest assured that your Recommendation Frames contain the desired number of products and that all products displayed are currently available.
Email Design Studio: Email size optimization (Stage 1)
We have improved the HTML code of emails created in the Email Design Studio to reduce their size. Thanks to this adjustment, more content is displayed in Gmail inboxes instead of being hidden (“clipped”) due to Gmail’s size limit (102 kB).
  • Be certain that your Contacts can immediately see the majority of your email content.
Email Design Studio: Anti-spam optimization
Different email clients use different anti-spam filters. SALESmanago is optimizing the Email Design Studio to minimize the risk that your emails will be classified as spam. Now, in Body settings, you can specify the language of your emails. Also, we are adding more contrast for email preheaders.
  • Use the new setting to specify the language of your email and make your message more trustworthy to anti-spam filters.
  • Enjoy an improved appearance of your preheader text.
  • Rest assured that SALESmanago offers top email deliverability.
Email Design Studio: Improved icons and stars
We are enhancing the appearance of social media icons, regular icons, and stars by rendering them at double the original size on mobile devices.
  • Rest assured that your emails look great on all screens.
Release 16.10.0 [implementation: 30-31.01.2024]
New Gmail and Yahoo requirements: Option to exclude and addresses from the list of recipients
As Gmail and Yahoo are implementing stricter user protection measures, we are optimizing our sending mechanism to address the new needs of our Customers. Now, you can verify the proper configuration of the SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols on the Email Marketing Dashboard. We are also introducing the option to exclude and addresses from the list of email recipients, to help you protect your deliverability rate if your account still needs to be adapted to the new requirements.
  • Ensure that your domain’s reputation and your deliverability rate are not affected until your account is fully adapted to the new requirements.
Release 16.9.0 [implementation: 23-24.01.2024]
New Gmail and Yahoo requirements: SPF, DKIM, DMARC
As Gmail and Yahoo are introducing stricter user protection measures, we have prepared an article >> that will help you meet the new requirements and exhaustive instructions >> for configuring the now required SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols.
  • Follow our guidance to make sure that your future email deliverability is not affected by the new Gmail and Yahoo requirements.
Email Design Studio: Consistent use of UTM parameters in emails
Recently, we ensured the consistent use of UTM parameters in HTML code generated for emails. Now, we have also fixed all UTM inconsistencies that occurred in the sending process.
  • Benefit from consistent and accurate campaign analytics.
Enhanced Workflow Condition: Contact has basic information
We are enhancing the Workflow Condition: Contact has basic information by adding advanced selectors that allow you to fine - tune your criteria.
  • Enjoy more precise Contact targeting in Workflows.
New Workflow Condition: Contact used specific device type
We are introducing a new Workflow Condition: Contact used specific device type, which allows you to adjust your communications and processes to the device types used by Contacts.
  • Target Contacts with dedicated campaigns tuned in to different device types.
New Workflow Condition: Contact used specific operating system
SALESmanago is introducing a new Workflow Condition: Contact used specific operating system, which allows you to define audiences and processes based on the operating systems used by Contacts.
  • Adjust your communications to the specificities of different operating systems.
Release 16.8.0 [implementation: 9-10.01.2024]
Email Design Studio: Ability to include thumbnails for YouTube Shorts
So far, in the Email Design Studio, there was the option to include a thumbnail for a TikTok, Vimeo or YouTube video. Now, thumbnails for YouTube Shorts are also supported.
  • Make your emails more interesting with YouTube Shorts and engage your audience more effectively.
Email Design Studio: New product selection scenarios
We are adding new strategies to the Dynamic Product Block widget in the Email Design Studio: products from selected category and products from selected brand.
  • Engage your customers by recommending products from a category or brand you select yourself.
Enhanced Segmentation: Filtering by Key Information
SALESmanago is introducing a new Contact filter: Filtering by Key Information. You can filter Contacts by up to 10 Key Information items at the same time, combining them using either the AND or OR logic.
  • Effectively use information collected in the Customer Preference Center.
New Workflow Condition: Contact has basic information
To provide a better user experience, we are replacing a number of Workflow Conditions related to Contact data with a new, single Condition: Contact has basic information. This Condition allows you to establish whether a Contact has specific basic information (such as name, phone number or country) on their Contact Card and on this basis, direct the Contact down the optimum path.
  • Check Contact information and reach the right audience.
Workflow: Ability to schedule Workflow activation
We are adding the option to specify when a Workflow should be activated. Additionally, if you schedule an activation date, you can also select a deactivation date.
  • Configure your Workflows in advance and enjoy even more automated campaigns.
  • Don’t work on weekends or holidays – have SALESmanago activate the right campaigns at the right time.
  • Schedule Workflow deactivation for precise strategy execution.
Workflow: Improved performance
We are improving the performance for the Unified Workflow Console. Now, when working on large Workflow structures, you can enjoy smooth operation of the SALESmanago system.
  • Feel even more comfortable when working with the new Workflow creator and build large, complex processes with ease.
Release 16.6.0 [implementation: 12-13.12.2023]
Email Marketing: Priority Management
SALESmanago is enhancing the Email Marketing feature by introducing new settings: Email Priority Management. Now you can define priority levels for different email types (API, Birthday, Automation Processes, Periodic, Mass emails, A/B tests) and determine the order in which they will be sent.
  • Make sure that critical and time-sensitive communication is delivered with the highest priority.
  • Don’t wait and send A/B test emails instantly.
  • Rest assured that your birthday emails will not be late.
Email Design Studio: Consistent use of UTM parameters in HTML code generated for emails
In the Email Design Studio, you can generate HTML code for your email. Now, we are enhancing this feature with the option to choose whether links in the generated HTML code should contain the UTM parameters defined in the email’s settings. By turning this option on, you can overwrite previously added UTM parameters with the parameters defined in SALESmanago.
  • Have greater control over your UTM parameters in email templates.
Frontend API for Live Chat: Stage 2
SALESmanago is enhancing its Frontend API for Live Chat. Now, you can use JavaScript to listen for open/close events. You can use this new capability to configure, e.g., the display of terms of service before the Live Chat window is opened, or the display of a satisfaction survey when the window is closed.
  • Adjust the opening and closing behavior of the Live Chat window to your individual needs.
Email Design Studio: No jumping to the top of the screen on undo/redo
Before, clicking on Undo or Redo in the Email Design Studio would automatically take you to the top of the screen. We are now fixing this to save you unnecessary scrolling down.
  • Enjoy an improved user experience in the Email Design Studio.
Data Genius for Workflow: Most effective channel
SALESmanago is introducing another functionality under the Data Genius label. The new Workflow element – Data Genius: Most effective channel – compares the effectiveness of different channels (Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Push) for each Contact that reaches this stage of the Workflow and automatically determines the next step for the Contact.
  • Effortlessly personalize Workflow processes for your Contacts.
Workflow: Improved analytics
We are introducing a new counting mechanism to provide you with even more reliable analytics for individual Workflow processes. Additionally, we are adding a new item to the list of time ranges for which you can view individual Workflow analytics: Choose date range.
  • Gain even better insight into your Workflow campaigns.
Workflow: Improved Wait element
Before, when configuring the Wait element in a Workflow, you could set a specific date or a day of the week. Now, we are adding the option to set a specific time of the day, on the selected day of the week, at which the Contact will move further along the path.
  • Make sure that your Contacts receive your communications at the time of the day that you find optimum.
Product gallery: Ability to search for product categories
We are improving the product gallery with the option to search for a category by its name.
  • Easily search your products by category.
Enhanced Segmentation: Improved filtering by dictionary details
We are improving the Contact filter: Filtering by dictionary detail by increasing the number of dictionary details that can be used for filtering (from 1 to 3); adding the ability to choose whether the Contacts need to have all the details (AND) or any of them (OR); and introducing new comparison operators.
  • Enjoy flexible and precise segmentation that matches your expectations.
Refreshed UI for Manage Contacts
SALESmanago is introducing a new design for the Manage Contacts panel, making it more transparent and easier to use.
  • Enjoy an improved user interface.
Release 16.5.0 [implementation: 28-29.11.2023]
Enhanced Segmentation: Filtering by most effective channel
SALESmanago is introducing a new data-based feature—Data Genius—that will help you optimize your segmentation and filtering processes, leading to more effective communication. The first enhancement under this label is a new Contact filter: Filtering by most effective channel.
  • Filter Contacts by the channel that is most effective for them: email, Web Push, text messages, or other.
  • Make the most of your Contact data.
  • Reach customers more effectively and boost your sales.
Redesigned Email Marketing Settings
We are improving the user experience on our platform by moving all settings related to Email Marketing to a single place: a new tab under the Email Marketing feature.
  • Enjoy a more intuitive design and easily manage your settings.
Improved Email Marketing filter: Option to customize bank holidays
We are introducing the option to create your own list of bank holidays on which no email will be sent from your account. You can also generate a list of bank holidays for selected countries by clicking on a dedicated button in the new Email Marketing Settings.
  • Improve your communication with customers by making sure that they won’t receive your emails on bank holidays.
Returning unsent coupons to the pool
Previously, coupon codes assigned to emails that failed to be sent were discarded (lost). Now, unsent coupons automatically return to the coupon pool.
  • Enjoy greater control over your coupons.
Workflow: Tagging team members in Sticky Notes
We are enhancing the Unified Workflow Console with the ability to @mention other SALESmanago users in Sticky Notes.
  • Benefit from facilitated collaboration with your team.
Workflow: Increased maximum launch interval for Workflows
We have increased the maximum interval between the launches of a Workflow process for the same Contact from 240 to 365 days.
  • Enjoy more flexibility when working on long-term campaigns.
HTML and Freemarker emails: Text/plain version of emails
Recently, we have introduced the option to include a plain (text only) version in an email created in the Email Design Studio. Based on feedback from our customers, now we are extending this option to two other email creators: HTML and Freemarker.
  • Improve your deliverability and user experience also for emails created in the HTML and Freemarker designers.
Enhanced Baselinker integration
Before, if a PURCHASE External Event was transferred from Baselinker, the Contact’s Email Marketing status would change to opt-out. Now, SALESmanago is upgrading its integration with Baselinker to prevent such undesirable changes.
  • Enjoy a seamless integration with Baselinker.
Release 16.4.0 [implementation: 14-15.11.2023]
Enhanced Segmentation: Filtering by operating system
We are introducing a new Contact filter: Filtering by operating system. Now, you have the option to select Contacts that used a specific operating system on a specified date or within a specified period.
  • Enjoy more precise targeting.
  • Adjust your communications to the specificities of different operating systems.
  • Boost engagement and conversion rates.
Enhanced Segmentation: Improved filtering by scoring
We are improving the Contact filter: Filtering by scoring by adding new, advanced operators: between (inclusive), greater than, greater than or equal to, less than, less than or equal to, and equal to.
  • Enjoy more flexible segmentation and adjust your communications to the engagement level of your Contacts.
Customer Preference Center: Adjusting sending time to Contact preferences
SALESmanago introduces the option to automatically adjust the sending time of email messages based on zero-party data collected in the Customer Preference Center.
  • Reach your Contacts more effectively.
  • Personalize your communication for the best results.
  • Enhance customer experience.
Release 16.3.0 [implementation: 30.10-2.11.2023]
AI Studio for Live Chat
SALESmanago introduces its state-of-the-art AI Studio into Live Chat. With this new feature, Live Chat consultants receive three ready-to-send response suggestions generated by ChatGPT. You don’t need to worry about providing the wrong information – your consultants are still in control of what is sent to users.
  • Make your consultants’ work easier by providing them with a convenient and time-saving tool.
  • Respond to Live Chat inquiries faster, improving your productivity and the quality of your customer support.
  • Provide a better customer experience on your website.
Automatic SalesChat: Wait for consultant from a specific consultant group
SALESmanago improves the Automatic SalesChat feature by adding a new option to the action Wait for consultant. Now, when a Live Chat user welcomed by a bot requests to be attended to by a consultant, they can select a consultant group responsible for the area in which the user is interested (e.g., Sales or Post-Purchase Support).
  • Make your customer service more user-friendly and more efficient.
  • Save time by referring user requests to the right departments.
  • Prioritize users (e.g., businesses) based on their selections.
Frontend API for Live Chat: Stage 1
SALESmanago is introducing a Frontend API for Live Chat. Previously, our customers could choose from a number of predefined methods for the opening and closing of the Live Chat window. Now, you can use JavaScript to create your own scenario.
  • Adjust the Live Chat opening and closing options to your specific needs.
Enhanced Segmentation: Filtering by device
We are introducing a new Contact selection filter: Filtering by device. Now, you can select Contacts that used a specific device type (Desktop, Mobile, or Other) on a specified date or within a specified period.
  • Enjoy more precise targeting.
  • Adjust your marketing activities to the habits and preferences of your Contacts.
  • Create dedicated segments for the purposes of device-centric strategies.
Enhanced Segmentation: Filtering by browser
We are introducing a new Contact selection filter: Filtering by browser. Now you can select Contacts that used a specific web browser on a specified date or within a specified period.
  • Enjoy increased targeting capabilities.
  • Run A/B tests for different browsers.
  • Tailor your campaigns to the specificities of different browsers.
Enhanced Segmentation: Improved filtering by details
We are improving the Contact selection filter: Filtering by details to provide increased precision in Contact segmentation. The number of details that can be selected has been increased from 3 to 10, and the selection process has been enhanced by the addition of new, advanced operators. Moreover, now you can choose whether you want to select Contacts that have all the selected details (connected by AND) or that have any of the selected details (connected by OR).
  • Enjoy more flexible segmentation and target your Contacts with increased precision.
Workflow: Option to select the sender in the Action: Send text message to Contact
Based on feedback from our customers, we are adding the option to select the sender in the Workflow Action: Send text message to Contact. The sender name must be whitelisted by the gateway provider.
  • Use different sender names for different brands or campaigns.
  • Adjust the sender name to the content of the message.
  • Gain more control over your communications.
Enhanced recommendation mechanism: Saving Last Viewed Products for up to 5 Product Feeds
When Contacts view product pages on your website, their visits are matched with the URLs in your Product Catalog / XML Product Feed to build recommendation data. Previously, when a single URL was found in multiple Catalogs/Feeds, the visit was matched with only one of them. Now, such visits will be recorded for up to 5 Catalogs/Feeds.
  • Show even more accurate recommendations and boost your sales.
Unifying the use of Product Catalogs / XML Product Feeds across the system
Previously, Product Catalogs and XML Product Feeds required the Default flag to be used in certain features but could be used in others even without this flag. Now, this has been unified across the system. A Product Catalog / XML Product Feed not marked as default will only be used for analytical purposes, whereas “default” Catalogs and Feeds can be used for recommendation purposes in features such as Recommendation Frames, Web Push, Live Chat, and Personal Shopping Inbox.
  • Enjoy more consistency across the SALESmanago platform.
Email Design Studio: No exit confirmation if the email has been saved
Previously, when leaving the Email Design Studio without saving the email, you were required to confirm this action. Now, SALESmanago requires confirmation only if the email has not been autosaved.
  • Enjoy a more intuitive user interface.
Workflow: Undo/redo options
We are enhancing the Unified Workflow Console with the options to undo or redo an action. Use the buttons at the top of the screen or the standard keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Y for Windows and Command+Z, Command+Y for MacOS).
  • Save time and fix mistakes or revert changes with one click.
  • Experiment with your Workflows without fear of losing the current structure.
  • Enjoy a more intuitive Workflow creation process.
Workflow: Ability to download a high quality image
We have enhanced our Workflow feature with the ability to download the visual model of a Workflow as a high quality JPG file. You can choose if you want to download the image with or without analytics for individual Workflow elements.
  • Easily obtain high-quality images of Workflows that can be used, for example, in reports or presentations.
Workflows: Hyperlinks in Sticky Notes
SALESmanago is enriching the Unified Workflow Console with the ability to include hyperlinks in Sticky Notes.
  • Easily provide other team members with additional information.
Contact Card: Displaying data from SALESmanago Mobile when using User ID
We are upgrading the integration between SALESmanago and SALESmanago Mobile. Now, user data from SALESmanago Mobile is available on the Contact Card in SALESmanago even if app users are identified by User ID.
  • Benefit from easier access to information about your mobile users.
Releases 16.0.0 – 16.2.0 [implementation: 12-17.10.2023]
SALESmanago system upgrades
We have upgraded the technologies on which the SALESmanago application is based and the data storage and processing software we use. The updated systems provide enhanced technological capabilities and meet stricter compliance standards.
  • Enjoy increased security, elevated performance, and more reliable operation of the SALESmanago platform.
Release 15.4.0 [implementation: 3-4.10.2023]
Email Design Studio: Text/plain version of emails
SALESmanago introduces the option to include a plain (text only) version in an email created in the Email Design Studio. Plain email versions are the only versions supported by non-HTML email clients and can be used in situations where an HTML email does not work. For smooth user experience, we have provided the option to copy the entire email text by clicking on a single button.
  • Make sure that your emails are supported by all email clients.
  • Adjust your emails to different customer needs and capabilities.
  • Improve your email deliverability.
Workflow: Improved analytics
SALESmanago enhances Workflow analytics by introducing progress bars for individual elements to the Unified Workflow Console. Now, you can easily analyze how many Contacts have reached each individual element of your Workflow, to determine which paths are followed most frequently and identify defective or inefficient configurations.
  • Monitor the progress of Contacts along your Workflow paths.
  • Easily identify errors and ineffective Workflow paths to optimize your processes.
  • Enjoy easier access to Workflow analytics.
Enhanced Segmentation: Improved filtering by tag scoring
Previously, when filtering Contacts by tag scoring, you could specify the scoring range using two operators: greater than and less than. Now, we are providing more advanced options for specifying the scoring range, including new operators.
  • Enjoy more precise Contact segmentation and targeting.
Free Email Marketing Account: Improved tutorial
SALESmanago has improved user experience on its Free Email Marketing accounts. Now, the tutorial is available on the menu bar and can be accessed and consulted as necessary.
  • Conveniently access essential knowledge and easily complete all configuration steps.
Release 15.3.0 [implementation: 19.09-20.09.2023]
Workflow: Sticky Notes
SALESmanago is the first platform to introduce the option to use Sticky Notes on the Workflow board. This unique solution can be used by all account users to provide descriptions or ask questions about Workflow processes. You can choose the color for each Sticky Note and format its text.
  • Smoothly communicate and collaborate with your team.
  • Conveniently explain the structures and purposes of individual Workflows and their smaller sections.
  • Save time by leaving comments or questions directly in the Workflow creator.
Workflow Dashboard: Analytics for up to 10 active Workflows
Previously, up to 4 active Workflows could be displayed in the Analytics of selected Workflows section on the Workflow Dashboard. Now, we are increasing this number to 10.
  • Enjoy more comprehensive Workflow analytics.
Search Engine Turbocharger: Enhanced analytics visualization
We have remodeled the Search Engine Turbocharger analytics to provide reliable data in the form of user-friendly visualizations.
  • Benefit from more accurate analytics and easily interpret data.
Mobile messages: Shortened links in preview
Previously, mobile message previews showed full links, even if the option to use shortened links was enabled. Now, this option will be taken into account in message previews and shortened links will be displayed just the way they will look for an actual recipient. Additionally, any punctuation marks or special characters (such as full stops or exclamation marks) at the end of a link will not be included in the link.
  • Enjoy accurate message previews and easily estimate the number of characters used in a message.
Dynamic Segments: Removing the text editor
Before, a Dynamic Segment could be created using a text editor or a graphical editor. Now we are removing the difficult-to-use text editor to make this feature more intuitive.
  • Enjoy a more user-friendly segmentation process.
Release 15.2.0 [implementation: 5.09-6.09.2023]
Integration with Google Analytics 4
SALESmanago delivers a new version of its Google Analytics integration to comply with Google's updated requirements.
  • Make your work easier by accessing Google Analytics data in SALESmanago.
Email Design Studio: Ability to copy and paste formatted text
SALESmanago introduces the option to paste formatted text copied from an external text editor (e.g., MS Word) into the Email Design Studio.
  • Save time by pasting already formatted text from external editors.
Workflow: Individual settings displayed on elements and arrows
Based on feedback from our customers, we are enhancing the Unified Workflow Console with descriptions of individual configurations displayed on elements and connection arrows. At stage one, the improvement has been applied to elements related to emails and tags.
  • Design Workflows even more conveniently and understand them better.
  • Benefit from more efficient teamwork.
  • Enjoy comprehensive previews in Workflow analytics.
New Workflow Condition: Email sent to Contact
Previously, it was possible to check whether a Contact opened an email or clicked a link in an email. Now, SALESmanago is introducing a new Workflow Condition: Email sent to Contact, which allows you to determine whether any email or a specific email has been sent to a Contact.
  • Reach the right audiences and avoid sending the same email to the same Contact twice.
  • Combine the new element with other Conditions: Contact opened email and Contact clicked on link in email to get the full picture.
  • Build more elaborate Workflows that cater to your business needs.
Workflow: Ability to tag Workflow processes
SALESmanago is enriching the Unified Workflow Console with the option to tag Workflows. By assigning tag(s) to Workflow processes, you can classify and segment them, facilitating your navigation around the Workflow List.
  • Keep your Workflow List organized and easily identify your Workflow processes.
Workflow: Better support for macOS users
We have improved user experience for macOS users by adding new keyboard shortcuts and tips in the Unified Workflow Console.
  • Enjoy all the capabilities of the new Workflow creator in your macOS system.
Email Design Studio: Improved email preview
Before, email elements hidden for desktop devices were not visible in a preview opened in a new tab. Now, they are displayed and marked as mobile only.
  • Gain more control over the appearance of your emails.
Export List: Shorter loading time
We have reduced the Export List loading time from 19 s to less than 1 s.
  • Save time thanks to the accelerated loading process.
Release 15.1 [implementation: 22-23.08.2023]
Unified Workflow Console: New launch settings
SALESmanago is introducing two new options to the Unified Workflow Console. Now you can decide how many times a Workflow can be triggered for a single Contact and specify the minimum interval between launches.
  • Adjust the number and frequency of Workflow launches to your business strategy.
Enhanced Segmentation: Filtering by Workflow status
SALESmanago provides its customers with even more targeting options by introducing a new Contact filter: Filtering by Workflow status. Now you can select Contacts that are currently in the midst of a specific Workflow process (In progress) or those who have completed this process (Completed).
  • Enjoy more precise filtering and targeting whenever Contact selection is required.
Email Design Studio Library: Saving multiple sections as one element
SALESmanago is enhancing its best-in-class email designer by adding the capability to save multiple sections as a single element in the Library.
  • Save time and make your work with the Email Design Studio even easier, for instance, by saving an entire header or footer as one Library element.
Release 15.0 [implementation: 16-17.08.2023]
Web Element Display Engine
SALESmanago is upgrading its Monitoring Code with the Web Element Display Engine. This new mechanism is responsible for displaying elements such as Live Chat, pop-ups, contact forms, Social Proof Widget, and Recommendation Frames on your website, and for the smooth operation of Website Automation Rules, Personal Shopping Inbox, and Voice Search. The loading time for these and other web components has been reduced by 50%, whereas the average RPS (requests per second) has increased from 80 to 1500, which translates into enhanced website performance.
  • Benefit from improved user experience on your website: component loading time reduced by 50% and RPS increased from 80 to 1500.
  • Watch your conversion rates and sales revenues rise.
  • Enjoy more reliable functioning of Website Automation Rules.
Release 14.4 [implementation: 08–09.08.2023]
Email Design Studio: Custom Fonts
Based on feedback from our customers, we are enriching the Email Design Studio with the option to use custom fonts in your emails. As custom fonts have limited support in most email clients, the feature also allows you to select a fallback font.
  • Strengthen your brand identity and make your emails stand out.
Email Design Studio: Background images
SALESmanago introduces the option to add images as section background in the Email Design Studio. Previously, custom backgrounds had to be combined with text or buttons before uploading to the Email Design Studio, which affected image quality and email searchability.
  • Save time and add backgrounds directly in the Email Design Studio.
  • Enjoy better image quality.
  • Create more searchable emails.
Email Design Studio: Link for the Countdown timer
Based on feedback from our customers, we have enriched the Email Design Studio with the option to add a link to the Countdown timer.
  • Facilitate access to the right section of your website.
  • Make your emails more interactive.
  • Make the most of the Countdown timer feature.
Unified Workflow Console: Further enhancements
We are continuing to improve the Unified Workflow Console based on customer feedback and our own observations. Now, you can connect multiple elements to a single Finish element; drag an element by clicking anywhere on it (not just the top bar); and zoom-in/zoom-out using the touchpad or the mouse wheel. Additionally, we have expanded the tip list in the Workflow console.
  • Create Workflow processes even more quickly and easily.
Enhanced Segmentation: Filtering Contacts by marketing status with a time range selector
On the SALESmanago platform, Contacts can be filtered based on their marketing consent status. Now, SALESmanago is enriching this feature with a time range selector, which allows you to select Contacts who opted in or out within a specific time range.
  • Filter Contacts even more precisely and benefit from increased personalization capabilities.
Release 14.3 [implementation: 25-26.07.2023]
Email Design Studio: Option to assign tag(s) after Contact clicks on link
SALESmanago is enriching the Email Design Studio with a new tagging option. Previously, adding a tag to a Contact after they clicked on a link in an email was only possible through an Automation Process. Now, each link in an email can be configured so that one or more tags will be added to a Contact that clicks on that link.
  • Enjoy more precise segmentation.
  • Tag Contacts more easily.
  • Track each link individually for better analytics.
Live Chat: Settings for the visibility of finished conversations
Previously, finished Live Chat conversations were visible to all consultants. Now, based on feedback from our customers, we are introducing the option to select whether finished conversations should be visible for all consultants; only for super users; or only for the consultants who took part in the conversation.
  • Enjoy increased control over employee permissions and enhanced data security.
Email Design Studio: Web-safe fonts
We have labeled the web-safe fonts available in the Email Design Studio to indicate that they are the most likely to be displayed correctly in all email clients (such as Gmail or Outlook) and on all devices. By selecting these fonts, you can make sure that your emails will shine in every mailbox.
  • Ensure that your emails are displayed correctly for all Contacts.
Email Design Studio: Alt tags for images
SALESmanago introduces the option to add alternative tags to images contained in emails created in the Email Design Studio. An alt tag is a line of text displayed before the image is loaded and when the mouse cursor is moved over the image.
  • Build error-free communication with your customers by sending messages adapted to different systems and email clients.
Mobile Marketing: Documentation for new API methods
Recently, we have introduced four new API methods for the Mobile Marketing feature. Now we present detailed technical documentation for these new methods, allowing their smooth implementation.
  • Take advantage of the new API methods for Mobile Marketing and implement them easily thanks to comprehensive technical documentation.
API for registering visits without page reloading
SALESmanago introduces a new visit registration mechanism, which is especially useful for Single Page Applications (SPA). Now, you can use JavaScript to transfer website visit events to SALESmanago even if a Contact does not reload the page.
  • Enjoy more precise website visit analytics and enhanced targeting and personalization capabilities.
Collective counting of Recently Viewed Products in the Personal Shopping Inbox
We are introducing an improved counting mechanism for Recently Viewed Products in the Personal Shopping Inbox. Recently Viewed Products will now be counted collectively for desktop and mobile devices, resulting in more accurate analytics.
  • Take advantage of more reliable product data to make informed decisions and deliver even more targeted and personalized campaigns
API recommendations: Identifying Product Feeds by Location
Before, the Product Feed used in API recommendations was identified by name, which could lead to errors. Now, the Product Feed can be identified by the Location field, consistently with other API methods.
  • Enjoy more consistent and error-proof user experience.
Optimized Best-Sending-Time mechanism
We have optimized the Best-Sending-Time mechanism for sending emails based on Contacts’ activity (email opens and click-throughs). Our preliminary performance tests indicate that the sending process has been accelerated 30 times!
  • Enjoy shorter email processing times.
Removing Company & Employee List
We are removing the Company & Employee List from the CDP feature. This tab has become redundant as other areas of the SALESmanago platform, especially the Contact Card, have been improved and extended.
  • Enjoy a more user-friendly platform and improved user experience.
Removing the Lead Routing functionality
We are removing the Lead Routing functionality from the SALESmanago system to make space for new features.
  • Enjoy a more efficient and easier-to-navigate platform.
Release 14.02 [implementation: 11-12.07.2023]
New Condition: Contact has email address with specific domain
SALESmanago introduces a new element to its Automation Processes. The Condition: Contact has email address with specific domain will further enhance your filtering and targeting capabilities, allowing you to refine your strategies.
  • Enjoy increased filtering and targeting flexibility.
  • Send emails tailored to the peculiarities of different email clients.
  • Refine your Automation Processes by selecting the best-suited email for each recipient.
Advanced Contact selection based on transactions & other External Events
Before, Contacts could be filtered based on External Event details. Now SALESmanago is extending the filtering options to include all External Event data fields, such as Date, Value, and Products.
  • Enjoy more precise Contact filtering whenever Contact selection is required.
New price format in Recommendation Frames
SALESmanago is introducing a new price format (00,-) in Recommendation Frames. The format is intended for round prices, without any decimal digits after the comma.
  • Enjoy expanded customization options and fine-tune your Recommendation Frames to match local market specificities.
Error notifications for failed email downloads from URLs
SALESmanago improves User Experience by introducing email notifications for failed email downloads from URLs. If you use the URL Wizard to download a ready email template from a URL, you can specify the frequency at which the template is refreshed. Now, if the template cannot be refreshed, after three failed download attempts, the SALESmanago system will automatically notify you of the issue by email.
  • Identify issues on the spot and take immediate action to avoid surprises.
Removing Automation Wizards from the SALESmanago menu
We decided to deactivate the Automation Wizards to achieve a platform that is easier to use and to shorten the customer onboarding time. Now, to prevent potential confusion and facilitate Customers' transition to the Unified Workflow Console, we are removing the deactivated Automation Wizards from the SALESmanago Menu.
  • Enjoy increased functional transparency in the SALESmanago menu.
Fixed bug: Issue when the maximum number of points was exceeded on the last threshold
We have introduced a mechanism that prevents a situation where a Contact on the last threshold of a Loyalty Program earns more points than the maximum value specified and is mistakenly removed from that Program.
  • Be sure that your Loyalty Program participants are provided with seamless user experience.
Release 14.01 [implementation: 27-28.06.2023]
New Workflow feature
SALESmanago introduces a new, greatly improved Workflow feature. Powered by modern technology, the new Workflow console offers an intuitive design and improved User Experience enhanced by new element menus and a range of new options, such as: ability to copy and paste elements and groups of elements, zooming options, and ability to switch orientation (vertical/horizontal).
  • Create Workflow processes quickly and easily.
  • Enjoy a modern, intuitive design, featuring a range of innovative, user-friendly functions.
  • Effortlessly find and add elements thanks to the new, separate menus at the top of the screen and an innovative circular menu that can be opened anywhere on the board.
  • Save time and effort with the new duplication and copying options.
  • Adjust the view to your own preferences thanks to the new zooming and orientation switching options.
Adding new operators to Workflow elements
We have added new mathematical operators to the following Workflow Conditions: Contact has standard detail, Contact has dictionary detail and Date from dictionary detail. The new operators allow you to define more specific Conditions by enhancing your Contact filtering capabilities.
  • Enjoy more precise Condition setting and Contact filtering when configuring Workflow processes.
Countdown timer for Email Design Studio
SALESmanago introduces a new Email Design Studio widget: the Countdown, whose purpose is to inform your customers how much time remains until a certain point in the future (e.g., how much longer a discount or a special offer will remain valid). The new widget offers three countdown types: standard, continuous, and dynamic. With the dynamic option, you can configure the widget to count time individually for each Contact, based on the value of a selected dictionary detail.
  • Include countdown timers in your emails to create a sense of urgency or expectation among your audience.
  • Increase your CTR and conversion rates.
  • Expand your personalization capabilities with the dynamic countdown option.
Case-insensitive standard detail placeholder
Previously, the placeholder for standard details was case-sensitive, potentially leading to issues when the formula and the detail name did not match. Now the placeholder $cst.detail_name$ is case-insensitive, which allows you to focus on more important matters.
  • Easily personalize your marketing campaigns.
  • Focus on content, not placeholders.
  • Enjoy a more intuitive and error-proof functionality.
Mobile Marketing Migration: Stage 2
Users of the old Mobile Marketing feature are going to be gradually migrated to the new, fully supported Mobile Marketing feature, which offers enhanced capabilities, including more flexible API methods. Following Stage 2 of the migration process, the options to create and send new SMS messages have been removed from the old feature.
  • Take advantage of the improved capabilities and seamless functionality of the new, upgraded Mobile Marketing feature.
Option to re-count Contacts before sending a message for Mobile Marketing and Web Push features
Based on feedback from our customers, we have extended the option to re-count Contacts before sending a message—previously available only for emails—to the Mobile Marketing and Web Push features. If you use this option, the list of recipients of your text messages and Web Push notifications will be updated an hour before the scheduled sending time.
  • Be sure that you direct your communications to the right audience.
  • Gain greater control over your marketing campaigns.
  • Enjoy a unified User Experience.
New Monitoring Code tab in Integration Center
We continually enhance system navigation and User Experience with UI improvements. Now, the design of the Monitoring Code tab in the Integration Center has been optimized to provide you with easier access to crucial information.
  • Enjoy a more user-friendly interface and find the necessary instructions more easily.
Standardized character limits for SMS text messages sent from Automation Processes and RFM
We have standardized the limits on the number of characters in SMS messages sent from Automation Rules, Workflows, and the RFM feature. Additionally, we introduce information about the number of SMS messages that a longer message will be divided into.
  • Ensure that your messages comply with any character limits or restrictions.
  • Avoid unexpected expenses.
  • Build precise and error-free communication with your customers.
Release 13.05 [implementation: 06.06.2023]
New Product: Free Plan Account
SALESmanago has introduced the option to set up a completely free SALESmanago account with basic capabilities (Contact import and Email Marketing). The Free Plan Account allows you to import Contacts, configure a sending account, create emails in the Email Design Studio (enhanced with the AI Studio), send emails, and analyze your results.
  • Take advantage of an advanced and completely free marketing tool, with no time restrictions.
  • Take up a free growth opportunity for your company.
  • Make informed decisions—try out a basic version of the SALESmanago platform before becoming a customer.
Mobile Marketing Migration: Stage 1
Users of the old Mobile Marketing feature are going to be gradually migrated to the new, fully supported Mobile Marketing feature, which offers enhanced capabilities, including more flexible API methods. Following Stage 1 of the migration process, the options to create new groups and new templates have been removed from the old feature.
  • If you use the old Mobile Marketing feature, soon, you will be able to take advantage of the improved capabilities and seamless functionality of the new, upgraded feature.
Ability to map tags multiple times in the new import wizard
Now, when importing Contact data to SALESmanago, you can include tags in many columns in your CSV/XLSX file and map tags multiple times.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly import process that offers increased flexibility.
Release 13.04 [implementation: 25.05.2023]
Email Design Studio: TikTok integration
Up till now, our customers using the Email Design Studio were able to include a YouTube or Vimeo thumbnail in their emails. With our new integration, they can now do the same with TikTok videos. Make the most of the enhanced capabilities of the Email Design Studio and effectively engage your audience with video content.
  • Maximize your marketing potential with the Email Design Studio by including TikTok video thumbnails in your emails.
Ability to filter the Contact List by Company
Now you can easily filter your Contacts by the company they work in. All you need to do is apply the “Company” filter on the Contact List.
  • Even more user-friendly platform that helps you focus on what matters most.
Release 13.02 [implementation: 10.05.2023]
Template Library for the Email Design Studio
SALESmanago’s new email creator, the Email Design Studio, now offers a catalog of ready-made templates that you can use as the basis for your emails. Select a template and edit it, filling it with your own content. The templates can be freely modified to suit your individual needs. No coding required!
  • Get inspired!
  • Save time and effort by creating your emails based on ready-made templates.
  • Enjoy a quicker start with the Email Design Studio.
Ability to copy elements on List of Contacts and Contact Card Our Customers often need to obtain individual Contact data from the List of Contacts or the Contact Card. Now, thanks to the new copying mechanism, you can do this quickly and effortlessly. Just move your cursor over the element of interest, and a “copy” icon will appear. Click on this icon to save the data to your clipboard.
  • Copy Contact data quickly and easily.
  • Save time and effort – no more manual copying!
  • Enjoy improved User Experience.
Fixed bug: Inability to send emails following the deletion of personalized banner Before, if you edited a personalized banner in a specific way (removed all graphics and saved the changes), it would cause a wrong value to appear in the SALESmanago database. This resulted in the customer being unable to send emails. Now, this issue has been fixed. Also, measures have been implemented to prevent similar bugs from occurring in the future.
  • Even more reliable email sending process.
Ability to run A/B tests on emails with Product Blocks created in Email Design Studio Email A/B tests are vital for improving your OR and CTR results. Now you can test emails created in the Email Design Studio that contain a Product Block.
  • Customers using the Email Design Studio can optimize their campaigns by running A/B tests on emails that include Product Blocks.
Email Design Studio: Option to deactivate dark mode on iOS

Even before, emails created in the Email Design Studio that contained at least one image would automatically block the dark mode on iOS devices. Now this is also possible for emails that contain no images. To disable dark mode on iOS for your email, simply check the appropriate box in the Body settings section of the Email Design Studio menu.

NOTE: This option is currently not available for Android devices. However, we pay close attention to market changes. If Android introduces a similar mechanism in the future, it will be added to the Email Design Studio.

  • Customers using the Email Design Studio can now easily disable dark mode in the iOS system also for emails that contain no images.