Release notes

Release 13.04 [implementation: 25.05.2023]
Email Design Studio: TikTok integration
Up till now, our customers using the Email Design Studio were able to include a YouTube or Vimeo thumbnail in their emails. With our new integration, they can now do the same with TikTok videos. Make the most of the enhanced capabilities of the Email Design Studio and effectively engage your audience with video content.
  • Maximize your marketing potential with the Email Design Studio by including TikTok video thumbnails in your emails.
Ability to filter the Contact List by Company
Now you can easily filter your Contacts by the company they work in. All you need to do is apply the “Company” filter on the Contact List.
  • Even more user-friendly platform that helps you focus on what matters most.
Case-insensitive detail placeholder
Previously, the placeholder for Contact details was case-sensitive, potentially leading to issues when the formula and the detail name did not match. Now the placeholder $cst.detail_name$ is case-insensitive, which allows you to focus on more important matters.
  • Easily personalize your marketing campaigns.
  • Focus on content, not placeholders.
  • Enjoy a more intuitive and error-proof functionality.
Release 13.02 [implementation: 10.05.2023]
Template Library for the Email Design Studio
SALESmanago’s new email creator, the Email Design Studio, now offers a catalog of ready-made templates that you can use as the basis for your emails. Select a template and edit it, filling it with your own content. The templates can be freely modified to suit your individual needs. No coding required!
  • Get inspired!
  • Save time and effort by creating your emails based on ready-made templates.
  • Enjoy a quicker start with the Email Design Studio.
Ability to copy elements on List of Contacts and Contact Card Our Customers often need to obtain individual Contact data from the List of Contacts or the Contact Card. Now, thanks to the new copying mechanism, you can do this quickly and effortlessly. Just move your cursor over the element of interest, and a “copy” icon will appear. Click on this icon to save the data to your clipboard.
  • Copy Contact data quickly and easily.
  • Save time and effort – no more manual copying!
  • Enjoy improved User Experience.
Fixed bug: Inability to send emails following the deletion of personalized banner Before, if you edited a personalized banner in a specific way (removed all graphics and saved the changes), it would cause a wrong value to appear in the SALESmanago database. This resulted in the customer being unable to send emails. Now, this issue has been fixed. Also, measures have been implemented to prevent similar bugs from occurring in the future.
  • Even more reliable email sending process.
Ability to run A/B tests on emails with Product Blocks created in Email Design Studio Email A/B tests are vital for improving your OR and CTR results. Now you can test emails created in the Email Design Studio that contain a Product Block.
  • Customers using the Email Design Studio can optimize their campaigns by running A/B tests on emails that include Product Blocks.
Email Design Studio: Option to deactivate dark mode on iOS

Even before, emails created in the Email Design Studio that contained at least one image would automatically block the dark mode on iOS devices. Now this is also possible for emails that contain no images. To disable dark mode on iOS for your email, simply check the appropriate box in the Body settings section of the Email Design Studio menu.

NOTE: This option is currently not available for Android devices. However, we pay close attention to market changes. If Android introduces a similar mechanism in the future, it will be added to the Email Design Studio.

  • Customers using the Email Design Studio can now easily disable dark mode in the iOS system also for emails that contain no images.