SALESmanago and BaseLinker Integration

SALESmanago can now be integrated with BaseLinker, a modern tool that makes it easy to manage sales across popular marketplaces, such as Allegro, eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, and Etsy.

Grow your contact base, add information about existing contacts using transactional data from the new channel, improve segmentation quality, and deliver more personalized offers.

The eye-catching widget allows users to view received notifications (including the archived ones), browse favorite wishlist items and top recommendations, and even check loyalty program highlights.

This unique module allows you to complement omnichannel communication with data from popular marketplaces. As much as 47% of global online shopping takes place on marketplace platforms (Statista).

Key features

  • An advanced platform connected to all touchpoints that combines contact information into a single data stream.
  • Unlimited message personalization possibilities based on transactional data from marketplace platforms.
  • Transactional information from platforms such as Allegro and Amazon is stored on the contact’s card.
  • Tags indicating transaction sources that can be used in the SALESmanago system.
  • The option to use data from marketplace platforms for segmentation.
  • Allow customers to directly access the data about Loyalty Program points and available rewards in their Personal Shopping Inbox.
  • Ability to include information about transactions on marketplace platforms in automation processes.
  • Quick implementation through the Integration Center.
  • Easy integration of data from marketplaces into automation processes.

SALESmanago and BaseLinker Integration – Basic Information

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