SMS analytics

The SALESmanago system allows you to send SMS messages based on contact behavioral profiles. For this purpose, an external integration with the SMS gateway and a phone number provided on a contact card are required. The SMS Analytics panel in the Mobile Marketing section provides quick access to the most important information related to SMS messages.




[1] Delivered messages – a list of the messages with the greatest number of deliveries.

[2] Replied messages – a list of the messages with the greatest number of replies.

[3] A message system name.

[4] A total number of messages sent with a given name and their percentage of all messages sent.


A list of delivered messages

[1] Decide whether you want to see all messages or only those that you own.

[2] Check Show planned if you want to see the messages you are about to send.

[3] Date of sending the message. You can sort the list by using the arrows in the corresponding column.

[4] Email address of the sender of the message.

[5] The system name of the message.

[6] A number of all contacts to which the message was delivered.

[7] A number of messages sent.

[8] A number of delivered messages.

[9] A number of undelivered messages.

[10] The number of messages that have been replied.


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