Integration with web beacons

What is a web beacon

A web beacon is a tracking element embedded in a web page or email, which lets you see when visitors access specific content or features, even when the URL doesn’t change.

How it works

  1. Data gathered with web beacons appears on contact cards in CRM → Contact list → Details → Profiles
  2. You can add web beacons on every subpage of your website as long as it has an active monitoring code.
  3. Web beacons use the format sm('event', { name: 'nazwa' }); 

Example use: for an event „ebook downloaded” the format would be sm('event', { name: 'ebookDownload' }); . On contact cards, in Profiles → Recent visits, an entry will appear with „smEvent:ebookDownload” in the URL.


Web beacons put to use

You can use data from web beacons in many ways, for example to automatically assign tags using segmentation matrices.

  • if you want to assign a tag when a web beacon detects an interaction, use a normal segmentation matrix.
  • if you want to assign a tag when a web beacon detects an interaction along with additional details on what exactly was interacted with (e.g. which filters were applied by the user), use a dynamic segmentation matrix.


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