Live Chat

The one and only Live Chat designed especially for eCommerce & Online Stores. Do not just talk but start actually selling via Live Chat.

Live Chat is not only a tool for servicing the customers in real time, but also an excellent way of acquiring leads with contact forms displayed on the chat and sending them product recommendations prepared by the system. All of it is possible due to the access to the behavioral profile.

Key features

  • Stay updated with new conversations thanks to the SALESmanago Live Chat mobile app

  • Communicate better by indentifying contacts and using their behavioral and transactional data

  • Sell faster by using real time product reccomendations

  • Search offer database for products your customers are looking for during conversation

  • Deliver machine learning-based product recommendations in chat window

  • Serve customer needs better knowing which URL they are on and browsing history

  • Automate conversations and let bot answer your visitor`s questions

  • Acquire contact data during conversation with progressive profiling forms

  • Generate leads when consultant is not logged in


Live Chat combines all leading-edge technologies and unique SALESmanago features. It is devised on the basis of the primary functions of the ordinary communicator but combines all the information about a customer acquired by our system. A seemingly simple chat conversation triggers a huge marketing machine together with its modern processes.

Live Chat: adding a new chat – consultant settings, creating a chat, chat settings, contact forms before conversation and during the consultant’s absence
Live Chat: consultant panel – message folders, chat, behavioral profile
Live Chat Analytics – customer satisfaction rate, time of conversation and acquired leads through Live Chat
How to personalize chat button in Live Chat – setting a personal logo as Live Chat button
How to turn on notification sounds in Live Chat – turining on notification sounds in Live Chat


The Bots – an artificial intelligence you can create yourself! Set the bot that will talk with your customers and help them shopping. To start the journey with the bot you need to prepare it in the system and then integrate with the Facebook platform. Check out how easy it is!

Automatic Sales Chat – bot configuration, configuration of conversation scenarios
SALESmanago Bot integration with Facebook – implementation of bot on Facebook Messenger
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