Social Media

Discover advantages of acquiring contacts and leading marketing campaigns through Social Media.

Social Media module in SALESmanago gives you unique possibilities of automating your actions in a different way: implement a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, so your customers will have a chance to ask questions and receive answers, move leads acquired through Facebook to SALESmanago, build Custom Audiences and create Facebook Ads campaigns.

Key features

  • Automate conversations on Facebook Messenger with multi-scenarios Bot

  • Publish posts automatically according to your calendar

  • Collect when your customer likes, shares or comments your products

  • Synchronize leads generated on Facebook directly to SALESmanago

  • Create&Manage Facebook Ads directly from SALESmanago

  • Create Facebook Custom Audiences based on contacts segments in SALESmanago

  • Automatically deliver recommended products to indivdual customers and custom audiences

  • Respond automatically to product inquiries with SALESmanago Messenger Bot


With an easy Facebook Ads integration, you can create in SALESmanago custom audiences with contacts that you store in your database and set ad campaign directly for them.

Facebook Ads Integration – instruction on integrating SALESmanago with Facebook Ads
Add Custom Audience – adding and deleting users from the group through Automation Rules
Custom Audience Dashboard – analytics of the contact flow
Facebook Campaign Dashboard – analytics of campaign extent and the used budget
Wizard: create Facebook campaign – boost your posts – settings of budget and ad strategy
Wizard: create Facebook campaign – send people to your website – settings of budget and campaign promotion
Wizard: create Facebook campaign – increase conversions on your website – settings of budget and campaign promotion
Wizard: create a Facebook campaign – promote a product catalogue – settings of budget and campaign promotion
How to delete the Facebook Ads integration with SALESmanago – switching off the integration with Facebook Messenger


You can easily integrate Facebook and Twitter accounts with SALESmanago. After this is done, you will be able to plan posting for up to a month in advance.

Social Media Posting – automated post adding on Facebook
Social Media Posting – integration with Facebook
Social Media Posting – integration with Twitter


Additional integrations let you analyze the contact interaction on Facebook, contact acquisition through simple Facebook applications and create ads (e.g. Lead Ads).

Integration with Facebook – social media monitoring
Adding contact forms to Facebook – creating a contact form, implementation


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