Workflow Action: Add/delete Contact in Adform group

This Action allows you to automatically add or remove Contacts to/from an existing Adform audience.

For this Action to work, first you need to integrate your Adform account with SALESmanago.

Read about the SALESmanago integration with Adform >>

The SALESmanago integration with Adform allows you to create Adform audiences that can later be configured on the Adform platform for the purposes of displaying your advertisements on third-party websites. One of the ways to add or remove a Contact to/from an Adform group is by configuring a Workflow including the Action: Add/delete Contact in Adform group.

After adding this Action to your Workflow, define the following settings:

[1] Ad account—select the Adform subaccount to which Contacts that have reached this stage of the Workflow  will be assigned. The list includes all the subaccounts created in the User Management tab on the Adform platform.

[2] Ad group—This list includes all ad groups (custom audiences) assigned to the Adform subaccount selected in point [1] above. Choose the audience to which Contacts will be added (or from which Contacts will be removed) through this Action.

[3] Action—determine whether you want to add or remove Contacts to/from the selected group.

Click Save to continue configuring your Workflow.

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