Action: Send a dynamic Web Push

Thanks to Automation Rules you can make the process of communicating with customers automatic, speed up the sales process, provide your sales team members with already prepared leads and respond individually to contacts behavior on your website. You can use the action: Send a dynamic Web Push to make your marketing campaigns even more attractive. A dynamic Web Push contains recently viewed products or products from an abandoned cart.  By using the action Send a dynamic Web Push notification you can automatically send both Web Push and Rich Web Push notifications to the contacts who meet the specified conditions.

IMPORTANT: To use this feature, it is necessary that your XML file is configured correctly. We recommend making sure the file is OK and has a transform. You can always write to for assistance.

In order to use action Send a dynamic Web Push, go to


1. Examples of implementations
2. Web Push settings

1. Examples of implementations

  1. Send recently viewed products
    You can increase your sales by sending to a user either Web Push or Rich Web Push notification that contains a product which the user has viewed recently. Send such notification as a reaction to the subsequent visit on the website.
  2. Recover abandoned cart
    There is a multitude of strategies to recover abandoned carts. You can always send to such user a regular email with product recommendation, but also you can send Web Push or Rich Web Push notification that contains product from an abandoned cart and thus remind your customer about an unfinished purchase.
  3. Increase your customer interest by means of win-back campaign
    There is plenty of strategies to re-engage your customers. For example, you can send a Web Push or Rich Web Push notification with the latest offer, if you observe that your customer has not visited your website for the last 30 days.

Exemplary dynamic Web Push notification:

2. Web Push notification settings

Choose Action: Send a dynamic Web Push from the list of elements.

Then, go to the detailed settings of the action.

IMPORTANT: You do not need to add a link to the product in the dynamic Web Push because it is done automatically.

[1] Name – enter the notification name.

[2] Product scenario – choose the type of products which will be displayed in your notification, you can choose recently viewed product, a product from an abandoned cart or scenarios with AI.

WAŻNE: Scenarios related to AI are displayed only for customers who have SALESmanago Copernicus Machine Learning & AI recommendations activated.

[3] Web Push form –  since a particular agreement form is linked with a particular recipient group, select many agreement forms to address many recipients on different URL addresses. You can also preview the selected agreement form by clicking the icon with an eye.

IMPORTANT: Only one agreement form may be active on one URL address, so you need to select the same agreement form for both Web Push and Rich Web Push notifications.

[4] E-shop – choose the shop from which the products will be added to your notifications.

[5] Send after – decide after what time the notification is to be sent. Specify time in hours, days, weeks, months or years.

[6] Select at least one type of notification – Web Push or Rich Web Push. You can select both options, then, in case a user’s browser does not support Rich Web Push notifications, the Web Push notification is sent. Next, you have to adjust the notification settings.

[7] Title – choose the labels with information (name, description, price, promo price)  that will display in the title of the notification and optionally type in the text before or after each piece of information that is uploaded from the XML file. You can also add simple icons and symbols to the title by means of the button on your right-hand side.

[8] Body – choose the labels with information (name, description, price, promo price)  that will display in the body of the notification. Additionally, you can type in any kind of text that is uploaded from the XML file.

IMPORTANT: The link to the product is added automatically and in the dynamic Web Push notification will not include the image of the product. This option is available in Rich Web Push notification.

[9] Notification icon – select a small picture from the Image gallery to be used in the notification. The following file formats can be used as icons: JPG, PNG, WebP, ICO/CUR, and BMP. The GIF format is not supported by browsers. The suggested icon size is 150 x 150 px or less. Larger images will be scaled down to fit.

IMPORTANT: Use square icons whenever possible. If you select an image in a shape different than a square, the image will be automatically adjusted to a square shape. This may cause it to lose proportions.

[10] Lifespan – the time after which the notification expires. When a notification is sent but not delivered, a timer tracks how old it is, letting you decide when the notification should no longer be displayed. Consider setting a short lifespan for notifications that are relevant only within a specific timeframe. For example, a special offer might run 11th – 13th July and if you’re sending a notification to spread the word, the notification’s lifespan should not extend beyond the 13th.

[11] Save changes – click it when all settings are ready.

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