Archival segmentation using the AdHoc Rule

Segmentation is an important element in Marketing Automation. AdHoc Rules allow you to perform a one-time segmentation of Contacts based on the history of their visits to your website (and its particular URLs).

To perform archival Contact segmentation, go to:

Audiences → Segmentation → AdHoc Rules

In order to perform the segmentation, define the following settings:

[1] URL domain – select the domain for which the segmentation is to be performed.

[2] URL pattern – provide the URL to be searched for archival visits of monitored Contacts.

[3] Tag enter the tag to be assigned to Contacts who have visited the specified URL.

[4] Points here you can define the scoring for the tag provided in field [3]. Enter the number of points to be assigned for a visit to the specified URL(s).

[5] Dynamic – just as in the case of dynamic matrices, by checking this option, you can define a URL address by means of a regular expression and thus create tags.

Learn more about URL patterns >>

[6] Add Row – click this button to add another row to the AdHoc rule:

One rule can contain up to 6 rows (6 URLs). This way you can assign tags for several different URLs by running a single rule.

If you want to delete an added row, click Remove [A].

Having defined all settings for all rows, click Run [7].

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