Generate leads – dashboard

Learn more about the traffic on your website. The analytical dashboard offers a comprehensive and dynamic overview of visitor activity on your website. Three widgets are available – each one provides distinct insights into how people arrive on your site and how they act when they get there.



1. Statistics

2. Activity chart

3. Recent monitored visitors



[1] Visitors on your website – the total number of people currently visiting your website.

[2] Monitored contacts – the total number of monitored (identified) visitors currently visiting your website.

[3] Anonymous contacts – the total number of anonymous (unidentified) visitors currently visiting your website.

[4] Generate new leads – click this button to go to the Lead Generation dashboard, where you can use various methods to acquire new leads.

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Each small square represents a pageview (or a group of pageviews – more on that later). The data on the right is the most current – this is where new squares drop on the chart as people enter the website. Squares are pushed to the left with time and as new visitors arrive.

[1] On the chart, green squares represent visits made by identified users. Gray squares represent visits made by anonymous users.

TIP: During one visit, a contact can view many pages. This is why it is possible for one contact to appear on more than 1 square – each recent pageview is recorded on the chart, even if the contact has already moved to another page.

[2] Time frame – you can make the chart display a tighter or wider timescale by clicking these iconsclock_1_8_activeclock_1_4_active

Squares on the chart

Each square on the chart represents a pageview or a number of pageviews on your site.


When you click a square, it will reveal some information on the visit it represents: the number of visitors and the traffic source from which they entered your website. If a square represents a single pageview, you will be able to see which subpage the contact is on. If it’s a monitored contact you will also be able to see their first and second name, scoring and their contact card (after clicking a button).


If more than one contact of the same type enters the website in the same time frame, their individual squares are collated into one square.

The chart lists the following traffic sources:

organic Organic – direct traffic, clicks from bookmarks or visitors who know your URL.

redirect Redirect – traffic from redirects.

google Google – traffic from clicking links in the Google search engine.

a-words Google Ads – traffic from Google Ads clicks.

salesmanago SALESmanago – traffic from clicks in sources related to SALESmanago, including links in emails sent from automation rules, dynamic banners, recommendation frames, landing pages and web push notifications.

facebook Facebook – traffic from Facebook.

twitter Twitter – traffic from Twitter.

socialmedia Social – combined traffic from social media (a broader category used when Facebook and Twitter squares get collated).

other2 Other – traffic from all uncategorized sources (online ads, UTM campaigns, referral traffic).

all All – an overall category used when squares of multiple types get collated.


Recent monitored visitors – this slider displays the four newest arrivals on your website, but only from monitored contacts. Each tile has basic information on it – the contact’s first and second name, email address and scoring.

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