How to cancel planned mailing?

Human error can always occur in the process of creating and planning a mailing campaign. Not all is lost – if your message has not been sent yet, you can still pause or cancel it. SALESmanago offers two compatible tools to stop mailing. Immediately after noticing the error, we should use emergency email control.

IMPORTANT: SALESmanago uses dozens high-performance mailing servers that can send several hundred thousand messages in just a few minutes. After you realize that an error has occurred, stop the sending as soon as possible – by delaying too long you may not make it before sending all emails.

1. Emergency email control

To open Emergency emails control go to Settings, and then select Other in the top menu.

At the top of the page you can find the emergency button:

Click it and all the mailing that is supposed to be send from that account will be stopped. The window will change the view:

Click the button again and the mailings will be re-send.

IMPORTANT: While the option is chosen no email will be sent from the system. After disabling this option all of the emails will be sent automatically.

If you don’t want a particular message to be sent, you have to delete it.
If the option is set for longer than 7 days, all of the messages from last 7 days will be sent. Every older message will be automatically suspended.

NOTE: Emergency button DOES NOT CANCEL mailing, it blocks them. The mailing is PAUSED.  If you click “start sending emails” all messages that have been queued will be sent!

The emergency email control gives you two options: you can correct an email template or delete it from the system.

If your email template only needs correction, use th emergency button, stop sending emails, correct the template, save it and then click to start sending emails again. All contacts to which the mailing has not been sent will aa received corrected one. Note: in such situation, the number of sent messages in the analytics might be misleading. The analytics is processed and updated with a few minutes delay. At the beginning, it might show you that 0 messages have been sent, although part of them have already been sent. When you decide to use the emergency button please wait a couple of minutes – after that time you will be able to see the number of incorrect messages that have been sent.

By doing so you cannot edit the to-send emails – if you addressed a message to the wrong group of recipients you need to delete the message and address it again. 

If the simple correction is not enough and you want to cancel your mailing you can do so in the sent email analytics.

2. Delete queued emails

Go to EMAIL MARKETING ->SENT EMAIL ANALYTICS  in order to display the list of all created mailing. You can delete them by clicking the “delete” button.

Next, confirm your decision and click “OK”. The system will delete the message from the queue and from the analytics.


On the list you can find mailings that have been sent and those that are currently being sent.

If you want to delete the mailing that is scheduled for some day in the future (for example tomorrow at 7 p.m) click “show planned also” .


Then provide the sames steps and click “delete” button.

3. What can you do when the mailing you wish to delete is not queued yet and cannot be found on the list? 

If you find out straight away that you are sending the wrong mailing you can pause it before it reaches addresses.

To do so go to emergency email control (see point 1), then wait for the message to show up on the list in EMAIL MARKETING -> SENT MAILINGS ANALYTICS. Then follow the instruction of the point 2.

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