How to turn on notification sounds in Live Chat

Live Chat lets you communicate with your customers in a fast and efficient way. It enables you to react immediately to all queries and problems, thus, also to build a relation and the atmosphere of trust at the same time. What is more, Live Chat is an effective tool to generate new leads and manage new customers since Live Chat is fully integrated with the SALESmanago features.

Notification sounds in Live Chat will not make you miss any message on the chat.

Go to Website Marketing => Live Chat

When you arrive at the Live Chat tab, you will see the logging panel. Click the pencil icon to proceed to the consultant configuration.

While configuring the consultants, you can select their avatar, choose a name for them and choose the notification sound. To do so, tick the checkbox Notification sound [1]. Once you do it, the loudspeaker icon will show up next to the checkbox (see example below).

You can choose from four sound samples. Check the tone of each by clicking the loudspeaker icons.

Once you adjust the settings, click Save and continue button.


After you log in to the consultant’s panel, you can turn on or off the sound when you click the loudspeaker icon marked on the illustration below.