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Personal Shopping Inbox, an innovative widget created for eCommerce, combines the advantages of a wishlist, notification center, recommendations, and loyalty program inbox. In other words, it allows for a completely new kind of interaction with your audience. At the same time, it is an extremely useful source of zero- and first-party data. Redefine the experience of your online store with the first and only Personal Shopping Inbox with one-to-one messaging, wishlists, special offers, and recommendations.


1. The Need for Personalized Communication on the Website
2. Basic Information
3. Personal Shopping Inbox Tabs
4. Benefits of Using Personal Shopping Inbox
5. Personal Shopping Inbox Use Cases

1. The Need for Personalized Communication on the Website

User experience is everything when it comes to Online Store stickiness. To get your customers to come back, you must make them feel comfortable and leave all the extras at their fingertips. Making the shopping experience personal, easy, and rewarding can bring you more benefits than just finalized transactions. There are some mechanisms that lift the Online Store experience to a higher level. These include non-intrusive communication, an easy buying process, meeting customer’s needs, and striking the proper balance between the quantity and quality of recommended products.

Importantly, greater choice for the customer doesn’t always translate into higher conversions. Hick’s Law states that the amount of time it takes to make a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices. And, with an increased decision time, the user experience deteriorates. This is why it’s important to present shoppers with an offer that is as concise and close to their needs as possible.

  • 40% of shoppers think their shopping experience would be better if retailers offered a wishlist where they can save items they’re interested in (Google), and 58% of people stop buying from a company because of a poor customer experience (Microsoft).
  • Helping people to find what they want quickly by showing them products based on their interests and past behavior makes them more likely to buy. Using personalization on the homepage can increase sales by 7% (FreshRelevance).
  • Implementing a wishlist in an online store increases sales by 19.3% on average (Metrilo).
  • 75% of customers are most likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name and recommends products based on their previous purchases. After implementing personalization, 93% of companies see a rise in conversion rates (Econsultancy).
  • Not all visitors convert into buyers in their first session—for apparel e-tailers, this number reaches an average of 32 pages in one session (Statista). 42% of users save items in the cart, and 31% use a wishlist to purchase later (Baymard).

So, it’s crystal clear that it’s about time we got serious about eCommerce personalization, proper communication, and recommendation mechanisms, whether it seems sexy or not. Personal Shopping Inbox might be a solution you are looking for. 

2. Basic Information

Personal Shopping Inbox is a widget that can be quickly and easily implemented in your eCommerce. It includes the following features:

  • Fully personalized wishlists, recommendations, and messages in one consistent, fully customizable Shopping Inbox;
  • An intuitive, codeless, easy-to-use Personal Shopping Inbox wizard;
  • A wishlist engine so customers can save products for later and you can make even more personalized recommendations;
  • A personal library of multi-language notifications;
  • Advanced notification targeting and timing options;
  • Advanced analytics on revenue generated by your Personal Shopping Inbox;
  • An easily accessible Loyalty Program information center enhanced with personalized product recommendations.

Before expanding, the widget will appear on the page as an icon or button. When clicked, it expands and becomes a tabbed window. It can also be set to expand immediately upon opening the page.

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3. Personal Shopping Inbox Tabs

Every person who uses the Personal Shopping Inbox in your online store can benefit from the tabs you set up. Each of these serves completely different marketing purposes, but all of them will positively impact your customers’ shopping experience.


The notifications tab is a personal, multi-language notification library where users receive news about the products in your store and also have the chance to re-read already received and read notifications.

You may also choose to send notifications with updates about the loyalty program, such as informing participants about points earned or rewards available at specific thresholds. In this way, you will provide additional motivation for users to collect points and make regular purchases.

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Recently viewed products

This tab displays products that customers viewed during their last visit to the site. Properly selected recommendations increase the probability of purchase and translate into increased revenue for the store.


Wishlists are a popular mechanism that increases engagement and translates into increased conversions. The favorites tab displays products that a user has liked on your page and added to their wishlist.

To use this feature, you must first add a “like” mechanism to your page.

4. Benefits of Using Personal Shopping Inbox

Personal Shopping Inbox is a website widget that provides an individual space for all visitors and brings their shopping experience to a whole new level. 

  • Increase your Online Store conversion rate by showing customers products based on their transactions, interests, and past behaviors in a dedicated personal space on your online store. 
  • Make your identified and anonymous customers return more frequently to your Online Store by sending special individually crafted offers, discounts, and product recommendations to their Personal Shopping Inboxes.
  • Enhance your Online Store stickiness by allowing customers to create wishlists and look up the products they previously viewed.
  • Easily create and instantly deploy a fully customer data platform-driven communication center that will become a new revenue stream. To do that, use our fully customizable, easy-to-use, and intuitive wizard. 
  • Use the first- and zero-party data the customers create during their interaction with the Personal Shopping Inbox to enhance your recommendation and personalization strategy.
  • Allow customers to directly access the data about Loyalty Program points and available rewards in their Personal Shopping Inbox.

5. Personal Shopping Inbox Use Cases

Here are just a few ideas about how to use Personal Shopping Inbox to redefine your Online Store experience:

  • Set separate communications for both anonymous and identified users. Ask anonymous users to subscribe to your newsletter, and invite identified users to leave more details in exchange for some benefits.
  • Use wishlist data to prepare email campaigns with personalized recommendations.
  • Increase customer lifetime value by sending personalized notifications with special offers that will be stored in the Personal Inbox.
  • Motivate customers to make regular purchases by informing them about the number of Loyalty Program points gathered and required to achieve the next tier.
  • Enrich customer profiles with zero- and first-party data generated through interaction with the Personal Shopping Inbox and use it in multiple targeted campaigns.
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