Template for a return email message in the contact form

Read HERE how to create contact forms

When setting up the form choose what should be included in the content of the message confirming subscription. Content for the return email (content) and content for the opt-in link (optin).


Preview the message here:


How do I create my own templates for return emails?

The message consists of a content and an opt-in (link enabling contacts added to the SALESmanago database to become opt-ins – subscribed for mailings). Contacts that did not click the opt-in link will appear as opt-outs (unsubscribed from mailings).

1. To create a template for return messages go to SETTING -> OTHER -> CONTACT FORM tab.

2. Your template’s layout can look the way you want – if possible, create it directly in the HTML. You must remember to add the {content} and {optin} fields, which will upload to the message the content defined while creating the form. Content for the return email (content) and Content for the opt-in link (optin).


3. Additionally, as you add content while creating the form, remember that you can use a HTML – e.g. <p style>, <span style>, <br>  etc. if the message content is to feature various styles.

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