Testing emails

Message testing allows for a quick testing of messages prepared for mailing. Testing is recommended prior to sending mails in order to verify whether:

  • the message is displayed correctly in all browsers,
  • all links are correct,
  • the message is correctly redirected to e.g. social media,
  • the general layout of the message is appropriate – e.g. whether the content has been correctly composed and typed.

In order to test a message go to EMAIL MARKETING-> EMAIL LIST. From the list of available messages click the one you would like to test and click the ‘SEND’ button.


Go to the screen for addressing emails – the same you will later use to send the real message.


In the ‘Addressee’ field type email addresses the test message will be sent to. You can send such email to no more than 10 recipients. In order to send the test to the selected addresses click the ‘TEST’ button. The message will then be sent and should be shortly delivered to the intended address.

If no errors have been reported you can proceed with sending the message.

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