Transaction data in the „details” field on a contact card

If external events are integrated, then in a contact card, in the „details” field you should be able to see 3 values: the average value of the purchase, the number of the purchase and the total summary of the purchase. To keep this values updated, you need to integrate it with external events (PURCHASE).

Go to CRM → Contacts in Campaign → Details → Details (at the bottom of the page)



1. ORDER_AVG – the average value of the purchase – it is calculated on the basis of the value taken from an external event (dragged from xml), the value is presented in units 

2. ORDER_NUMBER – the number of the purchase

3. ORDER_SUMMARY – total summary of the purchase, the value of all the finalized transactions 




NOTE: you can use the details of the transaction f.e for a better targeting.

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