Wizard: create Facebook campaign – increase conversions on your website

Our new wizard allows you to create Facebook campaigns in a very easy way. What is more, you can customize it to the custom audience that you wish to target your ad to. With “create Facebook campaign” wizard you can also plan your budget and promote posts. In SALESmanago system you can use this wizard to create 3 types of campaigns:

  • boost your posts,
  • send people to your website,
  • increase conversions on your website.

NOTE: To create a Facebook campaign with creator an integration between ad account and SALESmanago is needed. For more information click here >>

To increase conversion on your website go to Social Media -> Create Facebook campaign, and then choose the second option increase conversion on your website.

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[A1] Campaign status – to activate campaign choose the “on” option. You can deactivate or activate campaign again at any time.

[A2] Name – provide the name for the campaign.

[A3] Ad account – choose the ad account that you want to use to create a campaign.

[A4] Custom audience – choose a custom audience – a group to which you wish to target ad campaign to.

[A5] URL to promote  – provide the URL address to the website to which clients will be redirected to.

[A6] Pixel (optional) – you can implement it to monitor the movement between SALESmanago and a page.

[A7] Conversion event – choose one of the events provided in the list.

[A8] Next – click to move to another step.


Basic settings:

[B1] Budget – set the maximum number of money you wish to spend on your ads. If you choose a daily budget, the amount you enter will be the maximum you will spend every day. A lifetime option – the maximum you will spend during the entire lifetime of your ad set.

[B2] Schedule – choose which option do you prefer: continuously – the ad will run continuously from that day; scheduled – provide the dates you want to run your ads.

Advanced options:

[B3] Optimization for Ad Delivery – choose how do you want to deliver ads to the audience (on a basis of what are you trying to achieve). Your selection will affect who will see your ads.

[B4] Bid amount – the bid amount will determine how effectively you can optimize you ad delivery. Your bid competes in an auction with other advertisers who also want to reach the target audience.

[B5] When you get charged – choose when you want to pay for your ads. You can pay every time your ad will be served (impression). Some optimization goals also let you choose between impressions and actions (such as lin click or post engagement).

[B6] Ad scheduling – you can schedule your ads for specific hours and days of the week. This option will work only with the lifetime budgets.

[B7] Delivery type – choose standard (recommended) or accelerated delivery. Accelerated delivery can be useful for promoting time-sensitive events and quickly reaching a target audience.

[B8] Next – click here to move to final step.


[C] AD:


Podstawowe ustawienia:

Basic settings:

[C1] Gallery – choose picture that will be posted in an ad.

NOTE: if you tick the option connect with fanpage, the data will automatically be extracted from the ad account on Facebook.

[C2] Headline – provide the headline for an ad.

[C3] Text – provide the text for the ad.

[C4] Connect with fanpage – the data will automatically be extracted from the ad account on Facebook.

[C5] Fanpage – choose fanpage that will be displayed in the feed ads.

[C6] Display news feed ads – if you do not want your ad to be showed in the news feed, check this option.


Advanced options:

[C7] Call-to-action button – adding this button may encourage Facebook users to visit your website. You can choose any of the options available on a list.

[C8] News feed description – provide a short link description, that will appear next to the ad in a news feed.

[C9] Display URL – provide the link, that will be displayed to the customers.

[C10] URL tags – add parameters that will be added to the URL address (optional).

[C11] Preview here you can preview of the chosen previously post, that you want to promote, depending on the place of viewing on Facebook.

[C12] Save – click “save” to save the campaign.

The campaign will then be saved and available in the SOCIAL MEDIA -> FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN DASHBOARD.

For more information about the dashboard click here >> 


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