Workflow Action: Display/hide Personalized Banner

This Action allows you to automatically display or hide a selected Personalized Banner variant for Contacts that have reached this stage of your Workflow.

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After adding this Action to your Workflow, define the following settings:

[1] Banner—Select a Personalized Banner variant that will be displayed to or hidden from Contacts that have reached this stage of the Workflow.

The list contains values in the following format: Personalized Banner – Personalized Banner variant.

[2] Action—Select on to start displaying the Personalized Banner variant specified in point [1] to Contacts that reached this stage of the Workflow. Select off to stop displaying it to such Contacts.


  • If you hide a Personalized Banner variant, the default variant of this Personalized Banner will be displayed instead.
  • You cannot hide the default Personalized Banner variant.

Click Save to continue configuring your Workflow.

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