Workflow| Action: send alert to user

SALESmanago Automatic alerts are one of the most comfortable tools supporting sales departments. Alert is a message delivered to SALESmanago account user. The aim is to inform company employers (ex. sales specialists) about important actions of potential clients. Actions include exceeding given level of scoring, visiting an URL, long time inactivity, opening an important email, downloading an Ebook, registering for a demo, and more…

attachement screen (1)

In this action you need to specify:

[1] The type of action: Send alert to user.

[2] Description: we can type short alert description, It is going to appear in the alert but also as an extract a message title.

[3] CC: we can also insert additional email address that is going to receive the same alert.

IMPORTANT: In the CC field (carbon copy) do not type email addresses related to the SALESmanago domain. E.g. or

[4] Send alert to the Main Owner: If a contact has a signed owner, for example, sales specialist who has his own group of clients to take care of, we can choose that alert would be sent just to him.

[5] Add attachment: we can add an attachment to an alert. To add an attachment insert Its content or Freemaker template in the empty box below.

[6] Attachment file type: If we attached the file, we have to choose Its format.

Detailed information how to set the alert and how It looks like, you can find HERE>>

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