Workflow | Condition: Contact is in RFM segment

The condition is fulfilled either when the contact is in the RFM analytics segment of your choice or if it is not. You need to select a group of contacts for which the condition is supposed to be checked.

>>More information about RFM analytics.


From the list of the elements in Workflow choose Condition => Contact is in RFM segment

To proceed, go to the settings of the condition:

Select [No] checkbox if the contact is not in RFM segment.

[Raport]: select from the unfolding list one of already saved reports.

[Segment]: select from three options

  • recency (the latest customer purchase)
  • frequency (how often customer makes a purchase)
  • monetary (the monetary value of the purchases)

[Target group]: select in which group contact must be so the condition can be fulfilled.


  • short,
  • medium,
  • long


  • common,
  • regular
  • casual


  • spender,
  • medium,
  • saver

Once you’re done with the setting, click Save changes to continue.

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