Workflow| Condition: contact was tagged with

The condition is fulfilled If a contact has at least one of inserted tags or has other.

In this condition you need to specify:

[1] The type of condition: Contact was tagged with.

[2] Following element, arrow: to change these condition settings we need to link It with another element (event, condition, action). On the green arrow a white box with the sign <<tag>> will appear. If we click on the box, settings pop-up will display.

[3] Tag: inserting at least one tag that contact must have is required. To fulfill the condition contact must have every inserted tag.

[A] Optional “no”: denial of the condition, the condition will apply to all contacts that do not have a given tag

[B] Tag: enter the tag that the contact must have for the condition to be met

[C] Priority: determines the order in which the selected tag is taken into account

[D] Cancel, Save changes – click Cancel to cancel the new settings or Save to confirm.


[4] Following element, single arrow: If we choose single arrow connection between the elements contact must be signed to any tag for a condition to fulfill. On the green arrow white box with the sign <<other>> will appear.

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