Workflow| Condition: contact was tagged with

The condition is fulfilled If a contact has at least one of inserted tags or has other.

In this condition you need to specify:

[1] The type of condition: Contact was tagged with.

[2] Following element, arrow: to change these condition settings we need to link It with another element (event, condition, action). On the green arrow a white box with the sign <<tag>> will appear. If we click on the box, settings pop-up will display.

[3] Tag: inserting at least one tag that contact must have is required. To fulfill the condition contact must have every inserted tag.

[A] Optional “no”: denial of the condition, the condition will apply to all contacts that do not have a given tag

[B] Tag: enter the tag that the contact must have for the condition to be met

[C] Priority: determines the order in which the selected tag is taken into account, you can set a priority from 1 to 5, where 1 has the highest value, and 5 the lowest value:

In the picture above in places marked by arrows you can see tags priorities. This means in practical terms, that first, the system checks if the contact has a tag with priority 1. If yes, then condition is completed, and the system perform the following action, if not, then the system checks if a contact has a tag with priority 2, then priority 3,4 and 5. If none of the conditions have been fulfilled then none of the actions attached to tags won’t be performed and the system will choose patch “End”.

[D] Cancel, Save changes – click Cancel to cancel the new settings or Save to confirm.


[4] Following element, single arrow: If we choose single arrow connection between the elements contact must be signed to any tag for a condition to fulfill. On the green arrow white box with the sign <<other>> will appear.

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