Workflow Event: Contact added to system

This Event occurs (and triggers the Workflow) when a new Contact has been added to your SALESmanago database.

This Event must be used as a triggerring Event, i.e., it must be connected to the Start element.

The Event will occur if a Contact is added to your database in the following ways:

  • when a Contact fills in a form on your website or subscribes to your newsletter,
  • when a Contact is imported via API (provided that the fireEvents flag is set to true, which is the default setting),
  • when a Contact is added manually through Menu → Audiences → Contacts → Contact management → Contact List → + New Contact.

The Event will not occur:

IMPORTANT: This Event occurs if a new Contact is created in your database. It will not occur when the data of an existing Contact is updated.

Note that the Event will occur if the Contact was permanently deleted in the past and has been added again.

After adding this Event to your Workflow and connecting it to the Start element, define the following settings:

Click Save or Cancel to continue configuring your Workflow.

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