Website Personalization

One of the assumptions of Marketing Automation is expanding communication with contacts with dynamic content on a website. Check how SALESmanago can be used for this purpose

Website personalization module in SALESmanago is a chance for introducing a new form of communication that involves the display of dynamic pop-ups or personalized banners. Make a buying experience a great journey for your user.

Key features

  • Fully personalize your website graphics and message to visitor profile and segments

  • Create personalized forms and landing pages without IT using drag&drop wizards

  • Use intelligent product recommendations to target visitors with 1-to-1 offers

  • Show personalized banners instead of general offer

  • Display livechat, popups and forms to the right person, at the right time

  • Use A/B/X tests to optimize your campaigns

  • Dynamically adjust discounts and pricing to adress customer value

  • Measure results with advanced analytics


Expand your contacts communication with dynamic content that matches their interests.

Recommendation frames – creating recommendation frames with products and placing them on the website
Personalized banners – creating and placing the banner on the website


Use dynamic content test to find out which elements generate the highest conversion.

Dynamic Content Test – Personalized Banners – creating, adjusting settings and implementing
Dynamic Content Test – Contact Forms – creating, adjusting settings and implementing
Dynamic Content Test – Landing Pages – creating, adjusting settings and implementing
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