Form integration test

With SALESmanago you can integrate forms and internal events (cart, purchase). The data obtained from the form (once it has been filled out) will be transferred into your SALESmanago account. Now, the system will start monitoring the contacts straightaway.

Some platforms provide simple integrations. Check integration facts >>

You can also integrate forms on your own. Check API documentation and see examples of methods in PHP >>

Once the integration has been performed, make sure all data have been transferred to the system and monitoring is operative.

Form integration test

1. Go to your website and delete cookies (if you see an smclient cookie). To do this, go to your browser settings or click F12.

Firefox: Menu -> Option, ‘Cookies’ or enter from incognito mode.

Chrome: F12 -> Resources -> Cookies; after selecting your page delete cookies.

Internet Explorer: F12 -> Cache memory -> Delete cookies for the domain.

Opera: Menu -> Settings -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Cookies -> Manage cookies. After selecting your page delete cookies.

2. Fill in the form all the fields you are testing. Enter an email address that is not stored in your database.

3. Go to your SALESmanago account to check whether the address has been added to the database and whether it contains:

  • other form data (name, address, phone etc.);
  • correct opt-in/opt-out status for receiving messages (checked/unchecked check box with the user consent) -> on the ‘Contact card’, in the ‘Details’ menu;
  • tags, assigned upon registration.

4. Click through a few subpages. You can also check if the smclient cookie appeared in the browser.

5. Wait for about 5 minutes and check if the ‘Contact card’ shows your visits.

Repeat the same actions for every integrated form.

Internal events integration testing

If the testing is carried out without the smclient cookie on the address that is not stored in your database -> after adding products to the cart register/log into the website. If you are already monitored, just add products to the cart. Next check if:

  • the email address has been added to the database and whether it is monitored – visits (if the test is performed on a new address)
  • CART (cart only) or PURCHASE events has been shown on the ‘Contact card’: menu ->Events:


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