Sending web push notifications from a private domain

Web Push notifications are short messages displayed on a recipient’s device. They are a new, convenient, and fast way to communicate with customers. A notification consists of a small square icon, a title, and a short text, while the whole notification is a link directing to a selected website.

In SALESmanago web push notifications can be sent from the system. You can also send them from the domain where the consent was confirmed.

1. Log in to your SALESmanago account.
2. In the main menu bar on your left-hand bar, go to Web push.
3. Next, go to Web push notifications lists.

[1] Configure your domain – click

4. In the next step you will see the window where you can download files.
5. Click Download files to download to files in ZIP format – manifest.json and sw.js
6. Unpack the ZIP file.
7. Upload files to the main catalogue and share it.
8. Copy the code

<link rel="manifest" href="/manifest.json">

9. Paste the code to


section on each subpage where clients can subscribe.

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