Web Push Notifications

Be one step ahead of the competition. Thanks to Web Push Notifications, you can attract your customers using innovative methods.

SALESmanago offers you a possibility of reaching both monitored and anonymous contacts by sending a short message straight to the user’s device. The message consists of a short text and a notification icon. Also, you can create unique messages containing the products from your store. Send them automatically with automation rules. Additionally, create agreement forms that are necessary before sending Web Push notifications.

Key features

  • Communicate with your customer database or anonymous visitors
  • Reach your potential and current customers while they`re active outside your website
  • Send standard and rich (text+image, gif or video) web pushes
  • Send bulk or personalized offers to different contact segments
  • Personalize webpush communication with 1-to-1 or machine learning product recommendations
  • Fully automate when, what and to whom your notifications are displayed
  • Make webpush a new strategic element of your multichannel communication
  • Enrich your marketing automation workflows with web pushes
  • Use web push to rescue carts, educate customers and generate leads


The Web Push and Rich Web Push notifications let communicate efficiently in real-time. The content is being sent to the contacts screen via a browser. No matter if a contact is present on the monitored website, the information appears anyway. The only conditions are a contact’s acceptance on subscription and active browser.

Web Push – agreement form – creating agreement form, implementation on the website
Web Push – creating Web Push notification
Rich Web Push – creating Rich Web Push notification
Web push analytics – general statistics, number of clicks and views

Check how you can send Web Push Notifications automatically

Action: Send web push notification – sending Web Push and Rich Web Push through Automation Rules, examples of application, settings
Action: Send a dynamic web push – sending dynamic Web Push through Automation Rules, settings
Workflow | Action: Send web push notification – sending Web Push and Rich Web Push notification through Workflow, settings


Sending web push notifications from a private domain – description of choosing subdomain, adding a record to DNS, configuration by the SALESmanago team
Turning off the thank you page after the confirmation of Web Push agreement form – domain configuration, uploading files
Adding the script confirming receiving Web Push notifications to any element on the website – invoking function in JavaScript
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