Web Push Notifications

Web Push notifications are one of the best modern communication channels. They are fast, versatile, and dynamic and increase brand reach. These short, compelling messages reach your audience, both on desktop and mobile devices. Robust, AI-rich content, no code, multilanguage, and fully CDP-driven one-to-one communication allows you to engage customers, increase website traffic, and generate high ROI.

Web Push Notifications 2.0 surpasses traditional web push notifications in many ways, including its codeless implementation, multilingual, dynamic content, and advanced contact segmentation. With a simple and intuitive wizard, you can now quickly and easily create consent forms and notifications in different languages. The powerful, clear dashboard gives you access to advanced analytics on consent forms and notifications so that you can optimize your campaigns in real time and achieve better sales results.

Key features

  • Reach and engage both anonymous and identified customers by offering them bespoke content—including multilanguage versions of notifications and consent forms—in one of the best consent-based communication channels through personalized web push notifications.
  • Use multifaceted CDP data to hyper-target your campaigns and enrich your omnichannel strategy—choose whether you prefer to communicate with consumers using desktop, mobile, or both.
  • Stay in touch with the users who are interested in your offer but not ready to leave their contact data yet.
  • Benefit from the codeless implementation of a simple yet powerful tool that enables the creation of effective campaigns.
  • Enjoy a wealth of features such as one-to-one personalization, detailed analytics of the campaigns, or the option to select the device to which you want to send web push notifications.
  • Target multiple markets at once—create various language versions of consent forms and notifications in one easy step.

Web Push Notifications—Basic Information

Web push and rich web push notifications allow for more efficient communication with contacts in real time. The content is sent to the user’s computer screen via the browser. Regardless of whether the contact is present on the monitored page, the information will appear. The only conditions for this feature to work are that the contact has subscribed and that the browser is on.

Web Push Notifications | Web Push Notification Wizard—Learn the step-by-step process of creating a web push and rich web push notification.

Web Push Notifications | Notification List—See what the notification list looks like and check what actions it allows you to perform.

Web Push Notifications | Drafts and Templates—See what you can find in the list of drafts and templates and check what actions are allowed for these notifications.

Web Push Notifications | Consent Form Wizard—Go to the instructions for creating a consent form.

Web Push Notifications | Consent Forms List—See what the list of forms looks like and what actions it allows you to perform.

Web Push notifications | Dashboard and Analytics—See the general data, number of clicks, and number of impressions.

Web Push Notifications—Advanced Ways of Sending

Check out how you can automate web push notifications sending.

Automation Processes | Action: Send web push notification—Sending Web Push and Rich Web Push through automation rules, examples of application, and settings.

Workflow | Action: Send web push notification—Sending Web Push and Rich Web Push notification through Workflow, settings.

RFM Marketing Automation | Action: Send web push notification—Sending notifications from RFM segments and a description of the settings.

Website Automation | Action: Display consent form on web push—Setting the display of the consent form.

Web Push Notifications—Advanced Configuration

Check out how you can automate web push notifications sending.

Web Push Notifications | Sending web push notifications from a private domain—Description of choosing subdomain, adding a record to DNS, and configuration by the SALESmanago team.

Web Push Notifications | Turning off the thank you page after the confirmation of the web push agreement form—Domain configuration and uploading files.

Web Push Notifications | Adding the script confirming receiving web push notifications to any element on the website—Invoking a function in JavaScript.

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