Workflow Analytics

Thanks to Workflow campaign you can create advanced structures which will conduct marketing actions for you! The workflow is built from various elements, the main elements categories are events, conditions, and actions. For each of them, you can adjust detailed settings. After the workflow is set and saved we can preview Its analytics.

You can find workflow statistics in



  1. Workflow analytics
  2. Workflow: Name
  3. Comparison

1. Workflow analytics

On the main icon of the set workflow campaign, we can activate and deactivate campaign (ON/OFF), edit Its structure and preview the analytics.


2. Workflow: Name

After clicking Analytics, divided into two parts screen will appear.

In the upper part of the screen, the structure of set workflow campaign will display.

[1] Contacts – click to go to the contacts list with users who belong to the Workflow campaign.

[2] In the upper right corner choose the date from which you would like to display contacts being in the workflow campaign.

[3] The total number of times the contacts reached the stage – hover the cursor over any element (Event, Condition or Action) to display information about the number of contacts who qualified to the particular stage. The state of contacts on the stage concerns the chosen date [2].

[4] Who? – click it to go to the list of contacts who reached the particular stage on a specific date.

3. Comparison

At this place, contacts statistic at a certain stage will be shown. Thanks to displayed data we can compare how many people are at the particular campaign stage, how many moved to the following stage, how many went through the whole structure and how the values are changing in the chosen time periods.



  • Node – in this column every element from the workflow campaign are shown.
  • Number of contacts – here we can set the date from which we want to display contacts.
  • Number of contacts – to compare certain time period we can also set the date in here.
  • Difference – here the difference between set dates will appear.

Example: If on the stage, Contact was tagged with 20th of September 2016 there were 5 contacts and 21st of September 2016 on the Contact clicked on a link in the email there were 3 contacts, It means that only 3 contacts with assigned tags clicked the link sent in the email. For contacts which did not open the link, we can try to use different communication channel, for example, SMS.

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