Workflow| Condition: contact has a detail

The condition is fulfilled when contact has a chosen detail with particular name and value. It is possible to add detail manually on the contact card, via API, system form/pop-up, automation rules or workflow.


In this condition you need to specify:

[1] The type of condition: Contact has a detail.

[2] Following element, forked arrow: to change these condition settings we need to link It with another element (event, condition, action). On the green arrow a white box with the sign <<->> will appear. If we click on the box, settings pop-up will display.

[3] Detail name: insert the name of detail.

[4] Detail value: for numerical values, If the value of given detail is supposed to be the same as entered number use mathematical operator “=”. Similarly, “<” and “>”, for values “less than” or “higher than”. For not numeric values use “~”, If the phrase specified in the rule is the same as the value, for example, value,”gender”. If you do not want to check the value just add detail, leave the “-” sign.

Important: In one condition we can only check one detail and Its value. If It is necessary, we can create more conditions with different details.


[5] Following element, single arrow: If we choose single arrow connection between the elements, contact must  have any detail for a condition to fulfill. On the green arrow white box with the sign <<other>> will appear.

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