Workflow | Condition: New external event occurred

The condition is fulfilled if a specific external event occurs. An external event is a method of supplying data by API and it serves to integrate Internet shops – including adding a product to the cart or making a purchase. Such conditions can be used, for example, to exclude those contacts from a rule who have not made a purchase for a particular period of time (e.g. 24 hours).


From the list of the elements in Workflow choose Condition => New external event occurred

Then, you need to go to the settings:

[1] Tick this checkbox if the event doesn’t occur, e.g. if the contact doesn’t make a purchase, that is why a further action will require sending SMS to the contact for instance.

Then choose the event type [2].

[3] Value – select this option if the kind of the event requires it. Choose a mathematical symbol and type in the value.

IMPORTANT: For numerical values use: if the value is equal to the typed one. Analogically, use < and > for values that are lesser or greater. For non-numerical values use ~, which will launch the process if the set phrase will be the same as the value of the detail (e.g. men for describing a detail connected with gender). If you don’t want to check the value but only the fact of adding a detail, leave default sign  . In each event you can check only one detail and value, however, you need to check more, you have to create several parallel events. 

[4] Products – select this option if you want to enter specific products connected with the kind of the event. You can type the individual IDs of products, you can type more and separate each of them with a comma.

[5] Detail – select this option if you want to check the contact detail. If you need it, you can include 10 additional details in an external event and then take advantage of them in the automation rule. It will work if the value of the detail in the event will be the same as the one that was set in the rule.

[6] Time – select this option if you want to include the date of the external event or the date from the detail

[7] Location –  select this option if you want to highlight the information sent in the external event in this field.

Once you’re done, click Save changes and in the next step in Workflow choose an action, which will depend on the set condition. Join them with an arrow.

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