Workflow| Event: contact was tagged with

This event runs workflow when contact is being tagged.


In this event you need to specify:

[1] The type of event: contact was tagged with.

[2] Tags: It is required to insert one or more tags. If we insert few tags separated with a comma, at least one of them will have to be fulfilled to run a workflow.


Note: The tags may be added to the system in many ways, but not every way activates workflow.

Workflows are not activated while adding tags in a mass tagging.

Assigning tags that are running workflow:

  • add a tag to a contact manually on the contact card,
  • add a tag automatically by segmentation matrices,
  • adding other workflows for automated processes,
  • add a tag remotely via API or one of the integrated platforms,
  • add a tag by integrated email proxy – tags are added whenever we ship an integrated (e.g. Outlook) email message to the address, which was not yet in the database.

Assigning tags that are NOT running workflow:

  • import contacts from a file,
  • add a tag as a share in management contacts,
  • add a tag by transaction analytics,
  • adding a tag with the contact details in contact management.
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