Workflow Event: Custom consent assigned to Contact

This Event occurs when a selected custom consent created in Menu → Audiences → Contacts → Custom consent list and having a specific status (Confirmed, Withdrawn, or Not confirmed) is assigned to a Contact.

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After adding this Event to your Workflow, define the following settings:

[1] Consent—Select the consent which, when assigned to a Contact, will cause the Event to occur.

The list contains all consents created in Menu → Audiences → Contacts → Custom consent list.

[2] Status—Specify the status that the consent must have for the Event to occur. For instance, if you select Confirmed and a Contact withdraws this consent or gives this consent but does not confirm it, the Event will not occur.

[3] Add another consent—Click here to add another consent to this Event. Each consent can be selected only once.

The selected consents will be connected by the OR operator, which means that the Event will occur if any of the consents is assigned to a Contact (provided that the consent has the status selected for it in point [2]).

[4] Follow an alternative path after—This option will only be available if this Event is not the triggering Event for the Workflow (i.e., if it is preceded by another Event, a Condition, or an Action, and not directly connected with the Start element). Here, you can specify the time after a previous Event/Condition/Action for which the system will wait for this Event to occur.

If the Event occurs within the specified time, the primary path will be followed immediately.

If the Event does not occur within the specified time, the alternative path will be followed.

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Click Save to continue configuring your Workflow.

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