Workflow Event: Main owner/co-owner changed for Contact

This Event occurs when a new main owner or co-owner is assigned to a Contact.

The Event will occur if a Contact owner is assigned or changed:

  • manually, on the Contact Card (by clicking on Change owner),
  • through a Workflow or an Automation Rule (using the Action: Set main owner/co-owner).

The Event will not occur if a Contact owner is assigned or changed:

  • through Menu → Audiences → Contacts → Contact management → Contact Manager (unless the Workflow is selected in the Run Workflow section),
  • when a new Contact is added to the database (with the default main owner).

By default, the main owner of a Contact is the user who imported the Contact into the database, either manually or via API. Apart from the main owner, Contacts can have co-owners, who can manage their Contact Cards.

After adding this Event to your Workflow, define the following settings:

[1] Ownership type—Specify whether the Event should occur when the SALESmanago user selected in point [2] becomes the main owner of a Contact; a co-owner of a Contact; or either of these two.

[2] Owner—Select an email address from the list of all Contact owners on your account. The Event will occur when this SALESmanago user becomes the new main owner / a new co-owner for a Contact.

[3] Follow an alternative path after—This option will only be available if this Event is not the triggering Event for the Workflow (i.e., if it is preceded by another Event, a Condition, or an Action, and not directly connected with the Start element). Here, you can specify the time after a previous Event/Condition/Action for which the system will wait for this Event to occur.

If the Event occurs within the specified time, the primary path will be followed immediately.

If the Event does not occur within the specified time, the alternative path will be followed.

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