Workflow | Event: Modified contact detail

This event refers to the modification of an existing contact with a given name and value. Settings remain the same as in the event New contact detail, but we use this event when changing the value of an existing contact, e.g. increasing the total value of orders in our store.

IMPORTANT: The rule will start only if the detail value is changed. A change in the detail name only will not trigger the rule.


From the list of the elements in Workflow choose Event => Modified contact detail

Next, you need to proceed to the settings of the event:

To set this rule:

[Detail name]: you have to add a new name or existing name of a detail if you want to change the value of a detail.

[Detail value]: we use the numerical mathematical operator
“=”, if the change has a value equal to the preset number.
“<” and “>”, to values “less than or greater”.
“~” for non-numerical variables, which will result in the triggering of the rule.
“-” it is a default sign if the phrase specified in the rule is the same as the value, for example, value, ”gender”. If you do not want to check the value and only add a detail, leave the default sign.

You can check only one incident per detail and value. If necessary, you can create several parallel events.

Once you’re done, click Save changes to continue.

IMPORTANT: Modifications made in CRM => Manage Contacts do not trigger rules.

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