Workflow | Event: new contact detail

This event refers to the addition of a new contact detail with a given name and value. Details can be manually added to the contact card as well as using API, system forms, and automation rules.


In Workflow, choose Events => New contact detail.

Then, adjust the settings:

[1] Detail name: add a detail name.

[2] Detail value: add a detail value. 

IMPORTANT:  We use mathematical symbols for numerical variables: use = if a detail value has to equal to a given number; use < and > for values “less than or greater”.  For non-numerical variables use ~, for example, when a value has to be the same as a given phrase. If you do not want to check a value but only the fact of adding a new detail, leave the default sign . In one event, you can check only one detail and value. You can make several parallel events if necessary, 

Click Save changes.

Next, choose the action which will be dependant on the set event. Match both of them using arrows.

IMPORTANT: The Workflow process starts with the event that is attached to Start.

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