Workflow Event: Specific email opened by Contact

This Event occurs when a Contact opens a specific email (or one of specified emails).

After adding this Event to your Workflow, define the following settings:

[1] Email—Select the email which, when opened, will cause the Event to occur. The list includes all your emails from the Standard tab on the Email List. Note that this Event will also occur if the email was sent as a birthday or periodic email, or as part of an A/B test.

You can select more than one email [A] (up to 5). The selected emails will be connected by the OR operator, which means that the Event will occur if a Contact opens any of these emails.

NOTE: For an email to be considered opened, the recipient must open the email and the monitoring pixel must be loaded. The monitoring pixel is added automatically to each email sent from SALESmanago, however, some email clients (including Outlook and AOL Mail) block the display of images and therefore prevent the open status from being immediately transferred to SALESmanago. However, the open status is transferred to SALESmanago as soon as the recipient clicks on the “Download/Show/Display images” button in the email software.

[2] Follow an alternative path after—This option will only be available if this Event is not the triggering Event for the Workflow (i.e., if it is preceded by another Event, a Condition, or an Action, and not directly connected with the Start element). Here, you can specify the time after a previous Event/Condition/Action for which the system will wait for this Event to occur.

If the Event occurs within the specified time, the primary path will be followed immediately.

If the Event does not occur within the specified time, the alternative path will be followed.

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