Email List

A clear view of the email list enables you to search for emails effectively and access the most important information quickly.

To preview the Email List, go to 

Email Marketing => Email List

The preview of the email list

An email view contains information about an email title, an owner, the date of last modifications and a preview window.

[1] Choose a group – decide which emails you want to display on the list – recent or maybe one of the custom groups.

[2] Edit group – click to edit a chosen email group.

[3] Delete group – click to delete a chosen email group.

[4] Search – search a message for its name.

[5] View – click to change a view.

[6] Send – click to send an email. You have to adjust the sending settings.

Sending emails

Creating emails

Scheduling email campaigns

[7] Actions – click to display the option list:

[8] Delete – delete an email from the list.

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