Birthday emails

SALESmanago facilitates planning and sending birthday emails in accordance with the date of birth supplied in the contact card. With this functionality, you can, for example, send a special discount coupon to a particular contact three days before the actual birthday, to be used on that special day.


  • automatic sending of birthday email,
  • guaranteed date precision,
  • a way of strengthening the relationship with a customer.


In order to send a birthday email, you need to go to



  1. Importing contacts
  2. Preparing birthday email
  3. Settings of sending date
  4. Analytics of the birthday emails

1. Importing contacts

To set the mailing, import contacts first. This is done in an Excel file, with the date of birth entered as YYYYMMDD (e.g. 19850723) or MMDD (0723) in a dedicated column [1] 


During the import select, choose the date column from the drop-down list. If the contacts have been featured in the database before, select ‘Add also to the existing contacts (duplicates)’. You can also enter a new tag for these contacts More information

After the database has been imported, a typical contact card must feature an entry in the Birthday field [3]. The date can be also added or edited manually after clicking ‘Edit’ on the contact card.


You can also add the date via API, using the contact/upsert method (API specification and example in PHP).

IMPORTANT: Remember to prepare an email one day before. When you prepare a message today, it is queued tomorrow.

2. Preparing a birthday email

Learn how to prepare email in Drag&Drop Email Designer

3. Settings of sending date

Once your birthday email is ready, go to EMAIL MARKETING => EMAIL LIST => BIRTHDAY EMAILS.

[1] Active – tick the checkbox to activate the email.

[2] Name – provide the system name of the email. Later you will find this email on the email list under this name.

[3] Standard email – choose the email that you have prepared earlier and you want to send as a birthday email.

[4] Set sending date details: time – give the exact time when you want to send a birthday email or adjust the time of sending to the contact activity. If you tick the checkbox, the email will be sent when the contact demonstrates the highest activity.

[5] Set sending date details: Send before birthday – determine how many days before the birthday you want to send the birthday email. You can also choose the option send on a first day of the month.

[6] Addressee – provide the name of the contact, email addresses, tags of the contact group which will receive the email. The process of defining the group of addressees is the same as with sending regular emails. Use the buttons next to the text field to add tags, funnels, mailing list or defined groups of recipients. More information

[7] Exclude Addressee – provide the name of the contacts, email addresses, tags of the contact groups which will be excluded.

[8] Use custom filtering – it allows to choose addresses of the email by means of additional filters (such as scoring , age, domain, etc.).

[9] Subject – this is the email subject that the email recipients will see in their email boxes. You can add simple symbols or icons by clicking Insert symbol.

[10] Campaign – enter the name of the campaign to which this email belongs. On the basis of the campaign name, it will be monitored in Google Analytics.

[11] Advanced settings – add additional UTM parameters to the birthday email.

4. Analytics of birthday emails

Birthday mail statistics can be found in Email Marketing => Sent Emailings Analytics =>  Single Email Analytics. These can be filtered using the ‘Filter’ option on the right side [12].

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