Email template list

Before creating a message you will need to create a template first. The template will contain the message framework, its elements such as a logo, footer, layout and fields in curly brackets, e.g. {header} {banner} {content} {product}. You can also use the template to create an entire message in case the information within the template is used for a one-off mailing campaign.

Each template you create and save in the system will be available on the template list.

>>Learn more about creating an email template

>>Learn more about creating an email

In order to open Templates list, go to

Email Marketing => HTML Templates

[1] Groups – choose the group of templates to display on the list. By default, the list of all templates is displayed that have been created by the users (if the option of sharing the template with users has been marked while creating a template).

[2] New HTML template – enables you to create a template in the old creator or upload a template developed in HTML.

[3] – type in a phrase in the field to search for a ready-made template in the system.

[4] – choose the way of displaying the template list. It can be displayed in a form of blocks with the preview of the ready template or as a regular list without the preview.

[5] Actions:

  • Prepare to send – the option of sending a new email and specifying only sending details.
  • Duplicate – copying the email template.
  • Edit – edit the chosen template.

[6] Delete – removal of the template.

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