Personal Shopping Inbox

Personal Shopping Inbox is an innovative website widget that provides an individual space for all visitors. It allows you to set separate communication for both anonymous and identified users, enable a wishlist mechanism on the website, and collect zero-party data. This makes Personal Shopping Inbox a tool that brings the customer shopping experience to a whole new level.

Personal Shopping Inbox is both a personal shopping center for each user on your website and a new marketing communication channel.

The eye-catching widget allows users to view received notifications (including the archived ones), browse favorite wishlist items and top recommendations, and even check loyalty program highlights.

A simple and intuitive wizard makes it easy to create a fully editable Personal Shopping Inbox, while a rich dashboard provides access to advanced consumer behavior analytics so you can continuously optimize your campaigns and achieve better sales results.

Key features

  • Increase your Online Store conversion rate by showing customers products based on their transactions, interests, and past behaviors in a dedicated personal space on your online store.
  • Make your identified and anonymous customers return more frequently to your Online Store by sending special individually crafted offers, discounts, and product recommendations to Personal Shopping Inbox.
  • Enhance your Online Store stickiness by allowing customers to create wishlists and look up products they previously viewed.
  • Easily create and instantly deploy a fully customer data platform-driven communication center that will become a new revenue stream. To do that, simply use our fully customizable, easy-to-use, and intuitive wizard.
  • Use the first- and zero-party data the customers create during their interaction with the Personal Shopping Inbox to enhance your recommendation and personalization strategy.
  • Allow customers to directly access the data about Loyalty Program points and available rewards in their Personal Shopping Inbox.

Personal Shopping Inbox — Basic information

Personal Shopping Inbox is a revolutionary website widget that combines One-to-One Messaging, Wishlists, Special Offers, and Recommendations in one fully customizable personal space. Such a tool is like gold for those who care about their revenue and want to augment the experience of their online store.

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