Workflow| Condition: contact opened email

This condition is fulfilled if the contact opens an email.


In this condition you need to specify:

[1] The type of condition: contact opened an email.

[2] Email: you can choose any email available on the standard email list.

[3] During the last: set the time period from which chosen message should be verified. Time range refers to a particular message. Therefore, It is important to remember that you must always define a message.

Note: Technically, an email considered as opened, is when the contained in the message graphics are loaded. Some mailing programs automatically block the display of images. If the recipient has not selected the image upload option and the graphics have been blocked, SALESmanago will not record the message as opened. In such cases, the condition will not be fulfilled. Also, any statistics regarding opened emails delivered to recipients via workflow may be slightly understated.

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