Workflow Condition: Contact received a number of emails

This Condition is met if a Contact received a defined number of emails within a specified period of time.

When checking this Condition, the system counts the emails that were sent to a Contact within the specified period.

After adding this Condition to your Workflow, define the following settings:

[1] Number of emails—specify the number of emails that a Contact needs to have received for the Condition to be met. Select an operator and enter a number.

[2] From the last—specify the period of time that the system should check for the number of sent emails. In other words, the system will count the emails received by a Contact within this period of time.

[3] Add another path—Click here to add another path starting from the same Condition element but depending on a different configuration of this Condition element.

If you click on Add another path, you will see that another icon has appeared on the Condition element, and that the icons are numbered:

You can set up to 5 different paths and define the order in which they will be checked for each Contact. If the condition set for the first path is not met, the system will check the condition for the second path, then for the third, etc. If none of the paths can be followed because none of the specified conditions is met, the system will follow the path starting from the red (X) icon.

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Click Save to continue configuring your Workflow.

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