Workflow| Event: contact clicked on a link in the email

This event runs a workflow if the contact clicks on a specific URL included in the sent email.

IMPORTANT: The condition works correctly only without “https://www.”, you have to enter the website address without any client-server model or subdomain, e.g. “”.


In this event you need to specify:

[1] The type of event: contact clicked on a link in the email.

[2] Email: select an email you want to be monitored in order to detect clicks. Select emails available on standard emails list.

[3] URL: select which clicked URL should activate the workflow. This way you can limit an event to chosen link. If you leave this field empty, workflow activates by clicking any link, except the opt-in and opt-out links. The URL field should indicate a phrase (e.g. “login”), not a protocol or domain.

Any link – if the redirection option is enabled, each click on any link will be counted. If this option is not enabled, the workflow will only run for links redirecting to a tracked website.

Redirection option – relates to redirection in mailings to read clicked external sites links (only for advanced users). This option can be enabled by going to the menu SETTINGS -> Other -> Application -> Use redirection.

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