Add Custom Audience

While integrating SALESmanago with Facebook Ads you can create a group of the audience called Custom Audience. You can create a new group or choose any of the already existing one if an ad account has been authorized before.

IMPORTANT: The mechanism of Custom Audience is based on matching email addresses and telephone numbers, e.g. if a user is registered on Facebook and has used a different email address from the one that is in the SALESmanago database, then the contact can be matched on the basis of a telephone number, if the telephone number on Facebook is the same as in SALESmanago.

IMPORTANT: in order to create or edit Custom Audience you need to integrate SALESmanago with Facebook Ads. For more information click here >> 

Go to Social Media => Custom Audience => Add Custom Audience

Then provide the following information:

[1] Name – name for Custom Audience, you will later be able to use it to identify a group in the system or choose already existing one, to which you wish to add or delete contacts from SALESmanago (this filed is required).

[2] Description – short Custom Audience description.

[3] Opt-out URL – you can generate an opt-out link on a Facebook page with the content that will show up to the contact after he or she decides to turn the Facebook ad off.

[4] Ad account – if more than one account has been authorized you need to choose the account that will be assigned to the Custom Audience, or from which account you want to edit a group (this field is required).

[5] Automation rules – you can use the 9 options below to add contacts to the Custom Audience (you can choose only one out of nine). If you use this option contacts will be added/deleted from custom audience automatically, the moment the defined event is fulfilled (work the same as automation rules).

[6] Manage manually – choose the group of contacts that will be automatically sent to Custom Audience.

[7] Add users – add or delete users (you can do it simultaneously or add or delete Custom Audience [8] if it already exists in the Facebook database, and you no longer want to target your mailing to it).


  • The minimum number of contacts added to Custom Audience amounts to 1 000 contacts.
  • The -1 value in the column “Estimate size” – The -1 value for the Facebook API request is returned for an estimated Custom Audience size, when the value is not available (in Facebook admin panel group).  This group has the code status 200 returned by Facebook. According to the documentation >> it means “This group of recipients is ready to use“. All data in SALESmanago is directly from Facebook and SALESmanago doesn’t have any impact on the fact that sometimes Facebook doesn’t return the exact number of contact in Custom Audience.


By doing so you can define a group of contact that will be added or deleted to or from Custom Audience.

NOTE: Defining the group of contacts requires the same steps as for addressing emails. 

[6a] Provide addressees.

[6b] Exclude addressees.

To find out how can you address mailing click here >> 

[7] Save – click here to save changes but stay in the edition section.

[8] Save and close – save the changes and close a Custom Audience creator.

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