Creating a newsletter/email

After creating a template, you are ready to create a personalized email. With SALESmanago it is very easy. There is no need for you to be an expert with graphics software or HTML code. 

Learn how to create an email template click or how to use newsletter creator

In order to create new newsletter/email, go to



  1. Email settings
  2. The email contents
  3. Adding attachments

1. Email settings

A new window will open. Fill in the necessary information in the fields provided.

Here enter the following information:

[1] Name – a system name of the email.

[2] Campaign name for Google Analytics – if you add UTM parameters to the links, specify the name of the campaign parameter added to the URL of the email.

[3] Group – you can create a group of emails on the email list. Choose the group where this email will be saved or create a new group [10].

[4] Email template – choose an email template on the basis of which an email will be created or click Search to find an email template.

[5] Account – choose an email account from which an email will be sent.

[6] Subject – type the subject of the email that will display in the contact’s email box.

TIP: The perfect amount of characters used for the email subjects is 65. 

[7] Shared – choose whether this email will be available for other users.

[8] Ignore emails filtering – if you have set filters on the number of emails to send you can ignore those filters while sending an email.

NOTE: To set filters you can go to SETTINGS -> OTHER -> EMAIL AND SMS SETTINGS. More information

[9] Dynamic – tick the checkbox if you want to include product offer in the email, so later you can send this email through automation rules.

2. Email contents

After entering this general information, you can edit the template.

Choose the box from select template box [11] and add text or picture in Enter box content [12].

Below you can see how your email looks like.


In the contents of the fields, similarly to the email template, you can use attributes which are dynamically filled in (e.g. name, address, telephone number or any detail from the contact card).

More information about personalizing emails

3. Adding attachments


You can also upload some attachments to your message.

[13] Add File – click here to add files to the message. You will see the following screen:


In order to add a file, It has to be added to the content repository first. If you did add it, then you can choose the file you wish to add to the message from the list. Click “upload a new file to repository” to add new file from the download center More information

After you save an email, you can send the message.

More information about sending emails


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